Meizu Live Headphones Unboxing: Pricey High-end Earbugs

In the first days of 2018, Meizu held a conference and announced two new headphones named the Meizu Live and Meizu Flow Boss. The former one causes a huge stir around it because it is apparently the same as the mBlu headset. Plus, it was unleashed at the same event where the first full-screen smartphone was released. The Meizu Live costs 1299 yuan (2), which seems to be overpriced. But we have to dive into the details in order to understand what features it comes with that affect the pricing.

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The Meizu Live is made of a transparent polycarbonate and metal parts constructed using metal powder metallurgy. There are four precisely engineered moving iron units inside the earphones that have low-frequency armatures as well as medium- / high-frequency armatures. According to the official information, this structure can effectively prevent the appearance of auscultation.

Meizu Live

The Meizu Live uses an MMCX connector. It also comes with replaceable tuning nozzles. You can use them to change the frequency as you deem fit. As you can see from the photos below, the headphones come with 7 pairs of earbuds of different sizes and an IPX7 rated carrying case.

Earlier when these headphones were leaked on photos, many were thinking they will cost twice more, 2888 yuan ($445). Fortunately, it is not so expensive. But the truth is, even if the Meizu Live was priced in this way, it may have a sense. These headphones come with Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers. Thus it provides an audio performance identical to Shure SE846 Sound Isolating headphones that are priced at 6000 yuan ($924).

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