Meizu Blue Charm Metal Teaser Poster takes a shot at the the Nokia 6300

Meizu will officially release the Blue Metal Charm on 21st of this month, which is only a couple of days fro now. Today, Blue Charm Metal’s official account on Webio posted a teaser poster, which ‘mercilessly’ attacks the poor Nokia 6300.

The main poster features, what looks very similar to a Nokia 6300, with Nokia’s logo removed ofcourse (To avoid any lawsuits). It is very important however to note that the Nokia 6300 was built with Lightweight Stainless Steel, adding to the curved polishing and making the phone stand out. It was a marvel of engineering at the time.

Under the poster is written “If it is intelligent enough”, apparently comparing about the Blue Charm Metal to the Nokia 6300, in an era of very powerful smartphones.

Prior to the release of the Blue Charm 2, Meizu had to deal with Nokia for a similar marketing strategy with the Nokia 1110, and it’s very surprising to see Meizu going down the same road once again.

Meizu mentioned that they will release two more teaser posters the following days, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they take on Nokia those two times as well. If that is the case, it will be really interesting to see how Nokia will react, as both the companies were rumored to be working on a “Superphone” together.




Manu, perhaps best known by his YouTube alter ego ManoharOfficial, has a love for technology that can never be quenched, no matter how hard he tries.

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