Meizu Blue Charm Bracelet To Launch On December 6

Hope you have already been informed about upcoming Meizu conference that will be held on December 6. The most anticipated device at this event is the Meizu M5 Note, which has been leaked on TENNA recently. You can be sure there will be other products unleashed at this special event. One of them is rumored to be the Meizu X (aka Meizu Blue Charm X) that has showcased stunning design. But it would be naïve to think we’ll talk about something that is already known – the rumor has it this manufacturer will launch its first smartband initially dubbed as the Meizu Blue Charm Bracelet at this event.


The main reason why we think the Meizu Blue Charm Bracelet will be uncovered at the conference is related with the statement made on Meizu Accessories official blog – ‘in addition to the Meizu Charm Blue Note that will be revealed at a conference held on December 6 we will see a few other smartphones as well as new accessories.’

Many Meizu fans think it will be the first own-brand bracelet of Meizu. This is mainly related with an early leak showing Meizu’s upcoming bracelet will come with a built-in heart rate monitor biosensors with ergonomic snap allowing users to slide them off easily.


I don’t think this is the only selling point of the Meizu bracelet, as many customers don’t care about sliding sensors off. But the product is rumored to cost around 499 yuan ($72), which is a bit higher than other products from the same niche. Say, the same Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is priced at $23, and it is sold in millions. So if Meizu wants to come in with a competitive smart bracelet it should reconsider the pricing. I am not talking about other brands that have inundated the market with cheap products costing around $10 or less.



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