Meizu 16X Supports Screen Fingerprint Recognition, Priced at $359.99

Meizu has revised its strategy completely and now it is one of the most competitive brands around the globe. If previously this brand has been making poor-competitive models with relatively high price tags, now it’s among the firsts when looking for a superior smartphone at a low price. A month ago, it launched the Meizu 16 that was considered to be one of the most affordable Snapdragon 845 smartphones, supporting a screen fingerprint recognition. But it costs around $500. To make all those goodies affordable for larger masses, the company has already announced another amazing model dubbed as the Meizu 16X. At this moment, the 16X is available for purchase at a starting price of $359.99.

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Actually, there are some noticeable differences between the original model and the Meizu 16X. The latter comes with a metal body, using a hidden antenna design and offering Meizu 15’s color options.

Meizu 16x

However, the Meizu 16X is a quite new model when looking at its core features. First, it is packed with a 6-inch regular full-screen, using a Samsung AMOLED display. Under the hood, it carries a Snapdragon 710 quasi-flagship chip, which is paired with a 6GB LPDDR4X memory, a 64/128GB of native storage, and a 3100mAh battery.

In terms of camera, the Meizu 16X uses the same hardware and software of its founding father, the Meizu 16. Thus, the phone sports a 12MP (Sony IMX380) + 20MP (Sony IMX350) sensors combination. The former one serves as the main camera, the unit pixel area of which is 1.55 microns and it supports four-axis optical image stabilization as well as 3x lossless zoom.

Meizu 16x

All the aforementioned features are great, but the selling point of the Meizu 16X is the screen fingerprint recognition. This is the cheapest smartphone, coming with such an ability.

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