Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Lite, Meizu 15 Plus – Everything You Need To Know

Three Flagships, Three Full-screen Phones

Previously, Meizu Founder ‘Huang Zhang’, publically announced the Meizu 15 flagship as the upcoming smartphone. Moreover, he also told that there will be a full-screen version as well known as ‘Meizu 15 Plus’. But did anyone thought about Meizu 15 Lite?

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According to GizChina.it, it is reported that Meizu has prepared a total of three new flagships, in addition to Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus, we will also witness Meizu 15 Lite. Here Meizu 15 and 15 Plus will cover the high-end smartphones market, meanwhile, Meizu 15 Lite will be a mid-end smartphone.

Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Lite, Meizu 15 Plus – Design & Appearance

The Meizu 15 series will use a full-screen design. It will neither be the full-screen 2.0 like Mi MIX 2 nor it will be infinity display like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but instead, it will be similar to the full-screen display of iPhone X. The back of the phone will be all-metal, dome-shaped antenna design, dual camera at the center in a vertical arrangement. Finally, we will have the signature flash ring below the dual camera.

Meizu 15 Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15 Lite

The only design difference between Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Plus, will be the display size. However, Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Lite will be almost the same both in size and appearance, despite the price difference.

Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Lite, Meizu 15 Plus – Hardware & Performance

Like previously said, all three flagships will feature entirely different configuration. The SoC possibilities are numerous, featuring Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 in Meizu 15 and Meizu 15 Lite, respectively. We think that as Samsung has taken all the Snapdragon 845 SoC orders, Meizu 15 and 15 Lite will likely feature Exynos 9810. Meanwhile, either Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 will be the heart of Meizu 15 Lite.

Each flagship will specifically divide into two to three variants because of the optional 4 / 6GB RAM and 32 / 64 / 126GB ROM.

In the leaked image, there’s no fingerprint reader present on the front and back of the phone. This means that Meizu 15 series will feature the latest under display fingerprint reader.

Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Lite, Meizu 15 Plus – Price & Release Date

The Meizu 15 series will have the following price tags as rumored:

  • Meizu 15 will be priced at 2499 Yuan ($394)
  • Meizu 15 Plus will be priced at 3099 Yuan ($493)
  • Meizu 15 Lite will be priced at 1999 Yuan ($318)

Meizu senior vice president Yang Fang revealed Meizu’s next-generation flagship will be released in the Spring of 2018. Maybe, it might have a surprise release in MWC 18. We have to wait and see.

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