Meiigoo S8, a mid-range Smartphone that comes with a 6.1 inch display Sale at $199.99

For this appointment, we have to leave a little of Xiaomi,  because today it is the turn of a manufacturer that although it is not very well-known around the world, from time to time it has its moments. We are talking about Meiigoo, and as you can imagine this is one of his moments to shine. Let’s take a quick look at what it can offer us: the Meiigoo M1  is one of its exponents that proved to be an exceptional terminal that even came to be compared to the iPhone 7, and that is saying a lot, and for this section we have the Meiigoo S8, a device that comes with a large 6.1-inch screen, but this is not their only outstanding feature do they want to know more? Stay with us.

Meiigoo S8 introduction

Meiigoo S8: Box

The Meiigoo S8 comes in a box with the following dimensions: 18.00 x 12.00 x 6.00 cm and a weight of 0.450 kg. The same is opaque blue, we can see the manufacturer’s logo in white located in the upper left and in the center we can see the word  “S8” in blue, so in general, dyes looks pretty good, calling a lot our attention. As for its content, we must say that it is the standard, nothing out of the other world but it will be necessary to complement our experience:

  • 1x Meiigoo S8
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Protective Cover
  • 1x English manual for the user

Meiigoo S8 box

Meiigoo S8: Design

The Meiigoo S8 presents us with a design that although it is not innovative, is still very elegant, this is due to its slightly rounded edges that give it greater ergonomics, therefore it is much more comfortable to use, besides that it is available in 3 beautiful colors: black, blue and gold; each one gives a unique style with its own identity.  Secondly, your large size can be as much as a plus point as a counterpoint. Let’s see, being a terminal with such dimensions can be very showy, giving us a refined air, but also can be uncomfortable when it is in our pocket, so it will depend on tastes.

Meiigoo S8 design

As for its peripherals and interfaces we have: support  2 nano-SIM, has a micro USB port type C, has a microphone and a speaker, each one is carefully located and once again we can say that it is still a very elegant terminal.

Meiigoo S8 design

Meiigoo S8: Screen

The Meiigo S8 comes with a 6.1 inch IPS capacitive screen with a resolution of 1440 × 720, so we will enjoy HD 720P quality. Thanks to the IPS technology we will have more vivid and clear colors, this is because it avoids the loss and leakage of light, phenomena that end up degrading the darker colors. Another great feature is that it comes with a screen that covers 83% of its front, as you can see we are before a Smartphone almost without bevels, we know that there are exponents that take this last to the extreme, such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, but those are bigger words. It has a crystal that comes with a 3D curvature, which helps you to accentuate more virtual reality applications.

Meiigoo S8 screen

Meiigoo S8: Hardware

The Meiigoo S8 is a mid-range terminal that although it is not the most powerful in the market fulfills quite well with what it promises. To start with a MediaTek processor, specifically the  MTK6750T, which comes accompanied by 8 cores, of which 4 of them come with a frequency of 1.5GHz and the other 4 with a frequency of 1.0GHz. For the graphics card (GPU) enjoy an ARM Mali-T860 MP2of two cores at a frequency of 650MHz which is combined with a memory RAM of 4GBand a memory ROM of 64GB, the latter is expandable via a micro SD card up to 256GB. All this power must be supported by a large battery, which is a non-removable lithium-ion polymer with a capacity of 3300mAh.

Meiigoo S8 hardware

Meiigoo S8: Operating System

The Meiigoo S8 comes with an operating system Android 7.1 (Nougat), it does not have any type of customization by the manufacturer, so we will be under a 100% pure Android environment. It works very fluidly and stable, so we will not have annoying waiting times.  We will opt for the classic Google Play store, in which we can download a wide variety of applications for all tastes and colors, and as expected, will be present Daydream store, a space dedicated to virtual reality applications. We will also have the multi-window function, this allows us to run 2 applications in parallel with the screen divided into 2.

Meiigoo S8 operating system

Meiigoo S8: Camera

The Meiigoo S8 comes with a Sony Exmor RS dual main camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels and 5 megapixels,  accompanied with an LED flash that will improve our experience to a great extent. If we have good lighting our photos will look quite good and in case we do not have the same if you will notice something the difference, but nothing that is alarming. We can record videos with a resolution of 1920x1080P at 30fps. As for the front camera, this offers us a resolution of 5 megapixels that will be ideal to take the best selfies, while we have good lighting the result will be incredible but otherwise, we will see a noticeable difference in quality.

Meiigoo S8 camera

Meiigoo S8: Wireless connections

The Meiigoo S8 has a network section that is practically mandatory on every Smartphone, so we will not have anything from the other world but just as it fulfills what it promises. It has a WiFi connection :   802.11b / g / n. Supports the following networks:  2G  GSM 1800MHz / 1900MHz / 850MHz / 900MHz;  3G WCDMA B1 2100MHz / B5 850MHz / B8 900MHz; and  4G LTE: FDD B1 2100MHz / B20 800MHz / B3 1800MHz / B7 2600MHz / B8 900MHz. If we want to synchronize with other devices we will opt for a Bluetooth connection version 4.0, which is quite fast and stable. Neither can we leave out the built-in GPS, which will help us always know where we are in the moment we want, ideal for more travelers.

Meiigoo S8 wireless connections

Where to buy it?

We can purchase the Meiigoo S8 at Gearbest for the incredible price of $199.99 (€ 167)Presently it is in pre-sale, the same beginning on September 12 and ends on October 06. So we must hurry if we want to be the first to have this wonder. We will then leave you the link of purchase in case you are interested.


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