MEIIGOO M1 Review: The Flagship Killer of The Mid-range ($230)

It is undeniable that the big known brands abuse their fame by selling their equipment for such high prices, but Chinese companies have taken advantage of this injustice and have made it its biggest advantage. Quality products at a price for low budgets are all that can be asked in this consumer world. That is why MEIIGOO joins the ranks of justice companies that want products for everyone with the powerful MEIIGOO M1.

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And, if you get it through an online store like Gearbest, it can cost you even less, thanks to the big discounts. In this case, we have been surprised by the price of this device with 6GB that offers an experience equivalent to the high ranges and we have not lost the opportunity to bring you our analysis and opinion of this product.

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MEIIGOO M1 Review: Specifications

MEIIGOO M1 Review - specifications

Basic Information
Model: M1
Type: Phablet 4G
SIM Card Slot: Dual SIM, Dual Standby
SIM Type: (Nano SIM + Nano SIM)
OS: Android 7.0
Display and Dimensions
Screen Type: LCD Capacitive
Screen size: 5.5 inches
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels 443ppi (FHD)
Dimensiones 15.45 x 7.59 x 0.90 cm / 6.08 x 2.99 x 0.35 inches
Weight 188 grams
CPU: Helio P20
Cores: 2.3GHz, Octa Core
GPU ARM Mali-T860 MP2
ROM: 64 GB (up to 128GB with external memory)
Bands: 4G LTE: FDD B1 2100MHz,FDD B12 700MHz,FDD B17 700MHz,FDD B2 1900MHz,FDD B20 800MHz,FDD B3 1800MHz,FDD B4 1700MHz,FDD B5 850MHz,FDD B7 2600MHz,FDD B8 900MHz,TDD B19 800MHz,TDD B38 2600MHz,TDD B39 1900MHz,TDD B40 2300MHz,TDD B41 2500MHz

3G: WCDMA B1 2100MHz,WCDMA B2 1900MHz,WCDMA B4 1700MHz,WCDMA B5 850MHz,WCDMA B8 900MHz

2G: GSM 1800MHz,GSM 1900MHz,GSM 850MHz,GSM 900MHz

Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth V4.0
Interfaces: 2 x Nano SIM Slot, Microphone, Speaker, TF/Micro SD Card Slot, Type-C
Back Camera: 13.0MP + 8.0MP
Front Camera: 8MP
Battery Capacity 4000 mAh
Removable No

MEIIGOO M1 Review: Design and screen

Although this brand is not exactly innovative in terms of design, it always offers an adequate and attractive standard. In this model, we can only notice a change that is the central button, which leaves the new paradigm of the total screen. However, we can not deny that it has an excellent finish in plastic and aluminum, which give it an aesthetic appearance and quality.

MEIIGOO M1 Review - designed by MEIIGOO

MEIIGOO M1 offers a colorful and detailed 5.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution and 2.5D technology, as protection against bumps and falls. The NTSC color saturation is 96% and the maximum contrast ratio is 1400: 1, which is quite high, and the pixel density of the screen is 401 PPI (pixels per inch). These begin to be specifications of a midrange device that work and look perfectly.

A screen with very real colors in which white looks pure white and in which black is really achieved so much that they look a lot like the pure blacks that AMOLED technology screens offer us.

MEIIGOO M1 Review - aspect

As for the maximum brightness as the minimum brightness are more than correct, so much so that I have not had any problem to use the terminal in conditions in which sunlight hits directly on the screen.

On the other hand, if we look at the right side we see three buttons: volume (up and down) and on/off. Here is a small drawback: the three are almost the same and are separated by a similar distance. Something more distinction here would have come well.

On the opposite side, the slot for the two SIMs or a SIM and an expansion card. Up, the jack for the headphones and below, the USB Type C charging port, next to the mic and speaker output.

MEIIGOO M1 Review - overlooking

This is a heavy device (183 grams) due to the built-in battery, but it is made pleasant to the touch by its plastic construction, although the polished metal edges make it a bit slippery. However, this type of manufacturing materials does not detract from its design, which is still at the forefront.

MEIIGOO M1 Review: Operative System and Customization Layer

This specification should never be taken for less, because no matter how much capacity the hardware of a device has, if your software is not among the most current or has no possibility to update, probably you will not be able to use many applications.

In this case, MEIIGOO M1 comes with the Android Nougat version 7.0 by default, which have the Google security patch of 2017. Therefore, it is fully functional, stable and remains on par with the other devices in the same range and price.

 MEIIGOO M1 Review - screen

Moreover, in terms of the personalization layer of the Meiigoo M1, it comes with pure Android in all its senses, except for the inclusion of a Home or Launcher own that brings a feeling of lightness and speed to the device, contrary to what can it look like.

Apparently, MEIIGOO has not been dedicated to the development of custom applications for their smartphones or at least in this model that we have tested, we could notice that noticing does not have any own application of the brand.

MEIIGOO M1 Review -Android Nougat

On the other hand and integrated into the Settings menu of the Meiigoo M1 we find features or applications such as Float Gestures, a hand mode, an option to make screen recordings, system movement options, options to interact with the terminal without needing touch the screen or options to configure the notification LED of the Meiigoo M1.

MEIIGOO M1 Review: Hardware and Performance

If the exterior design probably did not get your attention, believe me, it is in this section where we were definitely convinced by this MEIIGOO model. Because it has the impressive Hardware capacity that we can obtain from a medium-high range device for a totally accessible price.

MEIIGOO M1 Review -hardware

6GB RAM and a powerful eight-core processor at 2.4 Ghz combined with the Mali T880 GPU, are enough power to run different demanding applications at the same time. Even the best flagships have only about 4 GB. And we could notice this excellent performance in heavy games that require exaggerated graphics power can be executed very easily and without losing speed in the operation of other applications.

MEIIGOO M1 Review -benchmark 1MEIIGOO M1 Review -benchmark 2

In our reviews, we were surprised because at no time did we notice any excessive warming while testing demanding games.This is because it has a system to dissipate the heat that is difficult to find in devices of this range. What allows us to enjoy our experience without worrying about the constant heating of our smartphone.

MEIIGOO M1 Review -perfomance

The internal memory is 64 GB, a useful feature and can be expanded up to 128 GB with the help of a micro SD card. From this space, taking into account the weight of the operative system, we can use approximately 56 GB of the 64 GB.

The battery life of 4000 mAh manufactured by Sony is decent. With a daily use, it can last all day and with a constant and demanding use, it can work until 8 hours, with the possibility of increasing the hours if we deactivate certain options that we do not use. This is something rare that we do not see in phone batteries with similar specifications, because the high performance of the hardware requires sacrificing battery life. But here, MEIIGOO has managed to balance both parts and offer us all the quality.

MEIIGOO M1 Review -sound

The sound in MEIGOO M1 is just top quality thanks to the Smart PA feature that provides and excellent performance. And with the fingerprint reader under the screen, we will not have any problem, although it is not the fastest, its efficiency margin is 100%. If we save or record the fingerprint correctly by putting your finger in all possible positions will be able to identify and access the interface.

MEIIGOO M1 Review: Cameras

In this category, we know that mid-range smartphones do not usually impress so much. Effectively this is the case with this MEIIGOO flagship that works with 13MP and 8MP in the rear camera, and 8MP for the front camera.

MEIIGOO M1 Review -cameras

The double camera function is mainly intended to offer a better dynamic range. Therefore, in good light conditions, the front cameras can offer a correct quality, which will allow us to take pictures and record videos of a decent quality.

MEIIGOO M1 Review - testing

The front has a fixed 8-megapixel focus sensor, which includes automatic embellishment mode and make-up mode. It can work very well outdoors with good details, contrast, and saturation. However, in video recording, the front camera does not usually stand out and stays below the competition. But this loss of quality in the low light conditions can be compensated with the flash LED.


• LG FHD IPS screen
• Performance
• Battery


• Cameras in low light conditions
• No NFC
• Weight

MEIIGOO M1 Review : Conclusion

This is definitely a powerful model, capable of competing with others among its same range and reaching some others who call themselves high-end. How many models at such a price can boast 6GB of RAM and an Helio P70 processor? It is a relentless combination that makes it powerful and worth paying for it.

However, not everything is rosy, and if there is something to be criticized in general about Chinese brands, it is the little importance that they take to the quality of the cameras. The price will not be an excuse because some competitors in the same range have managed to offer camera improvements without sacrificing cost. Therefore, we would like to see good improvements in this category soon.

But leaving that aside, we would like to highlight the excellent quality of the LG screen that the MEIIGOO M1 has. Each color can be seen clearly regardless of the angle and conditions of the environment. For this and more, we are happy and proud to find smartphones that care about bringing technology to people. MEIIGOO, like XIAOMI, shows us that it is not necessary to sell high-performance products at very high prices.

MEIIGOO M1 Review: Where to BUY IT?

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