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The Megawheels S1-3 Electric Scooter is a very useful vehicle for solving the problem of traffic in cities. Suitable for children over 10 years of age or adults weighing less than 68kg (150 lbs). It is the ideal form of transport for school, work, fitness, short-distance travel and leisure thanks to its compact, practical, easy to transport and drive design.

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It can be used to go to the nearest bus stop, take it to work or take a walk. That is, the use of an adult should be for short trips. The Megawheels S1-3 Electric Scooter has a dimension of 90 x 42 x 96 cm. But when folded, its dimensions are 81 x 42 x 29 cm. An essential point to note is that it only takes 3 seconds to fold it. This model is also adorned with a stand which proves to be very practical to be able to park it anywhere.


The Megawheel S1 is equipped with a 4.0Ah battery, so it is not a model with a lot of autonomy reaching a maximum distance of between 8-12km. Although depending on the weight of the driver it can even behalf. It can reach a maximum speed of 23 km / h, fast enough for common use. This model can be very versatile, so it is interesting that it allows you to adjust the handlebar at 3 different heights. Since depending on the driver, the needs will be different. Its charging time is a minimum of 2 hours. The time that is relatively fast and can be charged at any time while in class or at work. Equipped with front cushioning, it is able to absorb sidewalk changes, some slight irregularities and offers a somewhat lighter ride.

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It is an electric skate at a very reasonable price. Its characteristics sympathize with the models of this basic range and it is a Scooter that should not envy any functional characteristics either. The double fold, adaptable mast, and fast loading make it the best choice for those looking for a simple and affordable product. Megawheels S1-3 Electric Scooter is now available on Geekbuying For Just at $183.99 using a Coupon Code: GKB358S. Click the following button for order now:

Coupon Code: GKB358S

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