Mega Motion Electronic Scooter Offered for just $399.99: (Long-Range Battery 300w Motor Ultra Lightweight scooter)

Over the years, we have seen the scooter market expanding, with the introduction of different amazing scooters from different companies. One outstanding scooter in the market today is the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro which have sold millions of unit all over the globe. But today we will be talking about a new scooter in the market which comes with alot of top-notch features. We are talking about the Mega Motion Electronic Scooter

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Mega Motion Electronic Scooter


The Mega motion scooter comes in unique and compact design, simple folding steps. The electric scooter is a new and trendy way of transportation. The Mega Motion M5 is a perfect electric scooter for adults! Eco-friendly, portable, and easy to transport in the elevator, the bus or the subway.


The Mega Motion Electronic Scooter is a complete scooter with each department meeting the trend. The scooter comes with a powerful engine, which has 3-speed modes: and they are simple mode-15km / h, normal mode-25km / h, and sport mode-30Km / h. The scooter supports a weight of up to 100 kg and is perfect even for the biggest among us!

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The Mega Motion Electronic Scooter features a level braking system, you will find a dual method, which combines a magnetic brake on the front wheel to a physical brake on the rear wheel. You can decide which one to use depending on the situation you find yourself in, and you just have to press a key with your thumb to stop walking. The front and rear lights allow you to drive safely in dark environments.

App Function and LCD screen

The scooter can be observed from the smartphone using an APP and it also features an LCD Screen. A great highlight of Mega Motion M5 scooter is undoubtedly its APP function and LCD screen on which you can find all information about distances traveled, speed, and more, and customize your scooter via phone .

In the security department, the mega motion M5 is with CCC, RoHS, CE certification, and its security level is at the forefront of technology. Its 8.5-inch tires are solid and their tread will guarantee a strong grip on the ground in any condition.

Where To Buy

The Mega Motion M5 scooter is currently available on Gearbest for a discount price of just $399.99.



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