Meet Ehang 184, Drone that can Transport You Anywhere

Drones are rising and becoming immensely popular among the audience. So far we have seen many drones come and go. But, is there a drone which can transport people with their luggage to a particular destination? Yes, that type of drone exist. Don’t believe me! Meet the new Ehang 184, a transporting drone.

How Ehang 184 works?

You would be wondering that how this drone works and enables a person to reach from one destination to another? Well, that’s quite simple. When you enter the Ehang 184, the individual has to choose a destination on a program with the help of a tablet. The program calculates the route distance, the power consumption and the time to reach that destination. After that the passenger just chill and relaxes during the whole flight. After reaching that particular point, the drone has to choose a place for suitable landing.

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How much can Ehang 184 lift?

The powerful arms (the eight motors) can lift about a weight of 100 kg for about 23 minutes in the air. Obviously, when the weight will be increased the flying distance and the speed will also decrease. Another point is that over-weighting the drone could be dangerous. Apart from this, a cab space has been provided which includes a seat and the luggage suitcase.

Ehang 184

Ehang itself has a weight of just 200 kg. The technology runs on electric current, so it requires charging of about two to four hours.

What is the speed of Ehang 184 during a flight?

Ehang 184 can fly at a speed of about 100 km/h and remains at a height of 500 meters above the ground.

The big advantage is to fly autonomously and the person traveling in it do not have to learn to ride, just across the tablet program the route and indicate the takeoff and landing. Another advantage is that instead of wasting time in a long queue of vehicles during a traffic jam. What we mean to say is that just fly over them and reach the destination in no time.

Ehang 184
Flying over 500 m above the ground

But, if you want to run manually, the control center is always there for the you.

The manufacturer of Ehang 184 introduced this innovative idea in order to make drones a way of transportation. Perhaps more can be achieved with this drone like reducing the on-land traffic and the chances of accidents. The manufacturer claims that by the time they have flown more than a hundred times over a forest carrying both a passenger and his luggage and the result is successful every time. 

Ehang 184 Properties
Specs of Ehang 184

On hearing the word accidents, we may think that whether Ehang 184 is safe or not? Well, an on-air flight can be dangerous sometimes, but the company is working hard to provide the maximum safety for a ride. We may wonder that a day will come when we will be using this type of technology.



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