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MECOOL BB2 Pro Review: Android TV Box With 3GB DDR4 RAM

There is no doubt that Android is the best Operating System for mobiles and tablets. Even, now we can have Android experience on our laptops and PCs also. In the recent years, the users have shown a keen interest in Android TVs, and so, we have seen some of the best Android TV Boxes as up to now. If you still aren’t aware of an Android TV, here is a good explanation from Pocket-Lint: ‘Android TV is a smart TV platform from Google. It was announced in June 2014, and with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android TV is now fully launched and marching into our lives. Android TV is the successor to Google TV, the company’s previous stab at a big screen platform’. 

Undoubtedly, Android TV has marched into our lives. All thanks to those Android TV Boxes that let us experience Android on a big screen. Today, we bring you our review of MECOOL BB2 Pro Android TV Box which is a small gadget that does big jobs! The features that it has under $100 price tag surely make it a great deal.


As mentioned above, an Android TV Box turns your standard looking TV into an Android device that will make it a super smart TV. It is just a matter of time when you will come to know how intelligent and elegant looking Android TV Box you have in your hands. When you have a Smart TV due to an Android TV box, you can surf the internet just like you do on your regular Laptop or Personal Computer. The only difference is that you will be watching YouTube, Netflix, etc. all controlled via your smartphone. Well, doesn’t it sounds cool to control your Smart TV using your Android smartphones? Well, that’s what an Android TV Box does.


Review of MECOOL BB2 Pro

Well, this is surely an elegant looking Android TV Box, thanks to the Gun Metal color. On the top, there is nothing except company’s branding. Coming to the back, we have all the necessary ports like LAN, Optical, AV,  HDTV, etc. On the left, we have a couple of USB ports along with the TF-Card slot that will let you expand the memory of the Mecool BB2 Pro up to 32GB. On the front, we have the Power button along with the LED screen and the model name. There’s an Antenna also that will help to pick up the signals via your Smartphone.  Overall, it is a compact design, and it surely looks elegant due to that Gun Metal color.


Well, I guess looks don’t matter so much as the performance does! So, let us talk briefly about that. Under the hood, this Android TV Box is running on Android Marshmallow v6.0, and it powered by an Amlogic S912 64 bit Octa core CPU with the maximum clock speed of 2GHz. So, the performance is surely going to be smooth. Also, don’t forget the 3GB RAM which is DDR4, so you will be getting the best out of the RAM. The internal memory is 16GB which you can expand up to 32GB. Keep in mind that the MECOOL BB2 Pro will accept just the TF Card and not the microSD card.

This Android TV Box Bandwidth saving Lifting speed H.265 hardware decoding can save 50% bandwidth resources, so you can enjoy 4K movies smoothly which is four times of full HD 1080P. Based on H.265 HD decoding, it offers 4k * 2k output which provides you high definition viewing and easy video playing. It supports 2.4G/5G WiFi and 1000M LAN which guarantee stable transmission efficiency and a strong transmission signal. What’s more, it supports 24 languages like Chinese, English, Germany, Japanese, Korea, etc.


As we have already mentioned in the beginning, the MECOOL BB2 Pro is available to buy for under $100, and in fact, it is available under $90 at the moment. Now, there are a lot of Android TV Boxes out there around such pricing, but this one has some impressive features like an Octa-core processor, DDR4 RAM, Android Marshmallow and much more. We will highly suggest you go for the MECOOL BB2 Pro if you want a good looking, robust and compact Android TV Box. The best buy link is given below. We hope you enjoyed this short review. Cheers!




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