Is Mcafee For Android As Good As Norton? 

In today’s world, billions of people are using smartphones. Specifically, over 2.5 billion people were recorded to use smartphones in 2018. The numbers are expected to rise beyond 2.85 by 2020. This shows how important smartphones are to us in the current world. 

We tend to do almost everything with our mobile phones including making calls, sending messages, socializing online, studying, and even doing business. The uses of a smartphone are endless. They have typically replaced computers, which is why they are more in numbers compared to computers.  

Long ago, software engineers only developed antivirus for computers because the fraudsters targeted PCs and laptops as they wanted to have unauthorized access and steal personal information. For that reason, the antiviruses were used to keep the user protected and prevent a virus attack. This has stretched to mobile devices. Today, smartphones also use antivirus to stay safe form common cyber attacks.  

So, Do You Need an Antivirus For Your Android? 

Maybe you might wonder why we are specifically focusing on Android in this case. Honestly, iOS devices also need some protection, but they tend to be more secure than Android devices. Plus, Android devices dominate in numbers compared to iOS devices.  

So back to the question, do you need to install an antivirus on your android? Research shows that there are more malware attacks for Android most recently compared to that of iOS. Android tends to have an open system, which makes the fraudsters have a better chance of attacking them. Since the cyberattackers easily target them, it makes perfect sense to have a reliable antivirus for your Android device. 

But it’s not about getting any antivirus out there. Some antivirus programs have been proven to offer decent protection to devices. Some will not protect you as such. Instead, they will only work up your device and possibly make way for the viruses. That is why you need to be careful when choosing an antivirus for your mobile device. 

Some of the top antivirus applications for Android are McAfee and Norton. So far, Norton has received high praises of being a reliable antivirus for android. But McAfee is also a good performer in terms of protecting you against unforeseen cyberattacks. But the question is, is McAfee as good as Norton when you want it to protect your Android device? Let’s find that out. 

McAfee Mobile Security 

If you take a deep look at McAfee review, you will notice that this antivirus has been developed with a whole range of features to protect you from the cyberattacks. But it isn’t just about the virus protection. Rather, the antivirus also offers the user-friendly experience.  

McAfee Mobile Security 

With McAfee Mobile Security, you get to enjoy a free version that is still decent enough. But you can go for the paid version if you want extra protection and additional features. The free version offers you some anti-theft features, WiFi security, security lock, memory cleaner, as well as battery optimizer.  

The interface is intuitive, and there are some tutorials for every feature that you can access. This way, even a beginner can easily get through the interface without the need for prior knowledge.  

Some of the features offered by McAfee Mobile Security include the following: 

  • Remote data wipe. You can wipe your data remotely with McAfee mobile security. This feature can be useful when your phone is stolen or lost hence keeping your private info safe. 
    • Thief Cam. Did someone just steal your phone and you want to know who they are? McAfee lets you activate the camera to capture the images of the intruder. This is not a common feature on most antivirus. 
    • Anti-theft Uninstall Protection. Some thieves might try to uninstall your apps when they go away with your phone. These could be apps that can help with the tracking down of your phone. Luckily, McAfee Mobile Security offers you uninstall protection to stop the thief from uninstalling the antivirus app. 
  • It supports android wear devices, which extends the protection 

One major issue with McAfee is that they have the premium version, which is quite expensive compared to other antivirus programs. Luckily, the free version has enough features to get you going. Plus, it comes with a phone lock to keep your phone secure at all times. 

Norton Security & Antivirus  

Norton also offers reliable virus protection with its latest version. It has a 100% detection rate and can eliminate spyware, malware, and other common Android viruses. The best part is that it won’t slow down your computer. Also, it is available on both the free and paid versions. It has a friendly interface, which is what most users want in an antivirus app.  

Here are some of the top features of Norton Security & Antivirus: 

    • Remote alarm. You can trigger an alarm to locate your phone. 
    • Remote lock. The antivirus also lets you lock your device remotely, which lets you prevent data theft.  
  • Safe search. With Norton, you can enjoy the safe search feature for flagging the websites that you don’t trust.  
    • Call blocking. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can block and mute spam the unwanted calls. You can also do the same for SMSs. 
    • WiFi Scanning. You can always stay safe and only connect to a reliable WiFi connection when you have Norton. It will scan and notify you if there is an unsecured WiFi connection around you. 
  • Take photos of anyone accessing your phone without authority. 

Norton Security & Antivirus  

You can enjoy the advanced premium features with the trial period that runs for 30 days. That is time enough to help you determine if you should purchase the premium version or not. 

So clearly, McAfee Mobile Security is as good as Norton, and it helps to keep your Android device safe enough. Don’t forget that you always need enough protection on your Android device at all times. Always ensure that you are sure about the delivery of any antivirus you decide to choose (even if it is McAfee) before you start using it.  

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