Maze Alpha, full-screen Bezel less smartphone coming in June

Young Chinese brand Maze is preparing for the announcement of Alpha smartphone with a frameless design. The manufacturer has already announced that the Maze Alpha will get a 6-inch Full HD-display enclosure 5.5-inch device.

An announcement of new Maze Alpha planned for June this year.

Maze Alpha

Maze has recently entered the smartphone market with Maze Blade, a smartphone unpretentious in terms of technical specifications but with a price very interesting list. At the side of Blade propose the expected Alpha, device characterized instead for a futuristic design devoid of frames. Maze Alpha integrate a display by 6 inches inside a shell with the typical dimensions of the current 5.5-inch models. Not yet commercialized, the smartphone will have a lower list price than other proposals bezel-less.

Maze Alpha

The company released new information, in fact, officially declaring the timing for the official launch. Maze Alpha will come in June with a price “surprisingly unbeatable”, and will have some interesting features: metal frame, 6-inch Full HD display with a traditional aspect ratio of 16: 9 with exactly 1.8 millimeters on frames two sides and on the upper end. Differently, from other devices’ bezel-less “Maze Alpha will have a frontal fingerprint sensor for unlocking in the terminal security.

Maze Alpha

The rear camera will use a double module with two sensors 13mp supported by two objectives. The company did not specify what additional features accompany the double module, whether it is a technique to have an optical zoom or to enter into post-production effects targeted and more interesting than simple filters to Instagram. Maze Alpha comes in two different versions: a standard version with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and a “limited version” that will integrate well of RAM and 128GB of storage 6GB.

Maze Alpha

The manufacturer claims that by flagship smartphone Maze Alpha will be “surprisingly unbeatable” possible price that will please everyone. There is also no information about the price. Well, it is possible that we can get the stylish smartphone here in the summer of this year.

To receive information about the device we invite you to subscribe to the Maze official website by entering your email address in the appropriate text.

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