MATOM High – Class Business Aluminum – Magnesium Alloy Suitcase Offered For $79.99

MATOM is a brand know for the production of amazing suitcase characterized by its ruggedness. The company has so many suitcases to its name, but today, we would focus on the MATOM Zipper Buckle Universal Wheel Suitcase but at the end of the article, we would share a link where you can check out other amazing Maton suitcase even at cheaper rate and specs.

The MATOM Zipper Buckle Universal Wheel Suitcase is made with advanced Bayer PC material, this suitcase is durable, scratch-resistant, water-resistant and lightweight. When it comes to ruggedness, this is the best kind of material you can think of, as it would last and also serve you just fine without any fault. It features a front compartment for easy access to your tablet, iPad, etc. The mechanical coded TSA customs lock keeps your belongings safe. It is designed with a four-stage adjustable ergonomic rod, adapting to different users and reducing the rod shaking range. This simply means that, no matter how short or tall you are, the rod to pull the suitcase would meet your needs just fine.

It is equipped with TSA-approved locks on BOTH the front and main compartments, makes it extremely easy to control. Not only to secure your valuable properties but also convenient for an international flight security check; The Passport Carry-on is practical and reliable for business travel. The Sturdy, smooth, silent & durable premium TPE 360°, omnidirectional double spinner wheels provide easy control & glide effortlessly while traveling. An easy-to-grab gel handle on the side & a durable aluminum telescoping trolley handle with four lock positions

Availability and price

You can buy the MATOM Zipper Buckle Universal Wheel Suitcase on Gearbest for $79.99. click the links below to get this amazing suitcase. For more Matom suitcase ranging from $50 to $400, click HERE


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