Margrethe Vestager at the Web Summit 2019 “There are no limits for AI”

The Web Summit 2019 was full of statements from great executives related in one way or another to the world of technology, but some important personalities were also presented, such as former soccer player Ronaldinho or singer Akon. Similarly, the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, presented statements on the positive future that artificial intelligence could have and the change it can create in humanity.

Margrethe Vestager at the Web Summit

According to the statements Margrethe offered during the Web Summit 2019, she says she sees “no limit to how AI can support what we do as humans”. This is quite surprising since in the past she has had some problems with companies of great renown for the handling of technology such as Google or Apple, so its optimism is certainly disconcerting.

However, Margrethe’s appreciation for the development of AI may be to more strictly regulate large technologies: given the comprehensive technology for research and development of AI, Vestager’s approach probably reflects her enthusiasm that great technology does not jeopardize the potential of AI. One of the main functions that Vestager currently has is to set the agenda for the regulation of artificial intelligence in the EU.

Part of the statements offered by the commissioner was “The first thing we will do is, of course, listen very carefully, and we will try to listen quickly because as we are talking, the AI ??is developing”. Then she added, “The possibilities they offer us are wonderful because I see no limits to how artificial intelligence can support what we want to do as humans. Take climate change as an example… we can be much more effective in the fight against climate change if we use artificial intelligence”.

Although the possibilities and uses of AI go beyond for the commissioner, which sees a promising future in the medical field, since AI could reduce the waiting time for medical results, and they could even be more precise by not requiring the human factor. However, she clarified that they are still at a very premature point for AI to be reliable “we need to control certain problems to be able to trust it, they must also be under human control and, more importantly, they cannot have biases“.


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