Constantly monitor your health with the Makibes HR3 Smart Bracelet, now on sale at Geekbuying for only $17.99 [+ Coupon]

Smart accessories are found everywhere in our lives. It is no longer enough to have a Smartphone alone, or we would be losing a significant part of new technologies to improve our quality of life. The Smartbands are one of those complements that cannot miss in our catalog, and thanks to them we are more connected than ever with everything that happens in our body. Today we present a special discount on the Makibes HR3, an ideal Smart Bracelet for those who are looking for an inexpensive device with which to get into this technology. Now, and for a limited time, you can buy it in Geekbuying with a discount coupon that we will offer you at the end.

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Makibes HR3 Smart Bracelet – Your best friend on the wrist

Design & Appearance

The Makibes HR3 has a classic rectangular design perfectly adjustable to the wrist of any user. The Dial adapts perfectly to the band to create the appearance of a one-piece body. It also has different color presentations for the strap: Red, Blue, and Black.

Makibes HR3 Display

The Dial is a TFT color screen of 0.96 inches. This in addition to being tactile, can be customized in different ways by switching between the available themes.

Built & Protection

The Makibes HR3 has a strap made of TPU to make it more resistant and durable, and this material does not cause allergies on the skin. Both the Dial and the strap have an IP67 certificate, so you can use the Smart Band even in the rain or when washing your hands, as this is waterproof and dustproof.

Makibes HR3 IP67

Battery Life

The battery of the Makibes HR3 is made of lithium polymer and has a capacity of 80mAh, which allows it to reach times of up to 7 days on standby. Of course, we must consider that the duration of the same will vary depending on the use that is given.

Makibes HR3 Battery

Features & Connectivity

This is the most important point of the Makibes HR3. The band has a lot of smart features that will help you have a better control of your life and routine.

The first thing is the constant heart rate monitor that is on the back of the dial. Thanks to this you can be aware of how your heart behaves both at rest and activity.

Makibes HR3 HR Monitor

In addition to this, it has more standard sensors in this type of gadgets such as the pedometer (to count the steps), the sleep monitor and the calorie counter burned. It even has smart reminders, as if it were an almanac.

Makibes HR3 Sensors

The Smartband has other Smart functions. First of all, it can be connected to the Smartphone thanks to the Wearfit 2.0 application. In this way, you can access all the features of the band, such as customization or obtaining the data collected by the sensors. It also works to find the Smartphone in case it gets lost.

Makibes HR3 Features

Finally, it has a function that will allow you to save energy by automatically turning itself on when the wrist is lifted.

Price & Availability

If you want to acquire the Makibes HR3 this is your best opportunity, since for a limited time you can buy it in Geekbuying for just $17.99 thanks to a special offer that includes a discount coupon. Do not lose this opportunity.



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