Makibes BR3 Smartwatch Now Offer In Just $44.99 at Geekbuying (Flash Sale)

The Makibes has an assortment of watches with a different set of functions, designed specifically for active people, swimmers, runners. Today, I have a Smartwatch that is Makibes BR3, it is a stylish GPS watch which not only represents a stylish attitude and keeps track of your health and movement at all times. This is a very economical sports watch, built-in GPS and several running modes for selection. You have such a watch, set fire to your passion for exercise. Geekbuying is offering this stylish Smartwatch at a price of $44.99.

Buy Makibes BR3 Smartwatch For $44.99

The wrist is made of silicon, this material resists water and dust. As you can see, with these dimensions and manufacturing materials, the smartwatch won’t interfere with your sports activities. On the right side, it has a single green button that can be used to navigate through the menu.

Regarding design, there is not too much to say The Makibes BR3 is a stylish smartwatch. It weighs 80 grams and it comes in black. It has a square-shaped IPS color touchscreen of 1,3 inches and 240×240 pixel resolution with the ability to read from the sun. You can adjust the brightness of the screen by yourself, which is ideal for indoor/outdoor viewing, a MediaTek MT2523G chip.

The device has a square case with protection against moisture and dust according to the IP68 standard allows you to do any kind of sports, including swimming, without taking it off. Enjoy your free and active life.

Makibes BR3 can receive a satellite signal GPS, the deviation is less than 3 meters. A watch not only can show your optimum speed and average speed, but also can show you the maximum speed of speed and average pace. All data will be reflected in your app in the creat of exclusive indicators. analysis speed and analysis speed.

There are 7 different modes of operation, available in BR3 in the breakdown of humane and technological issues. They are freestyle, Remote mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance, and PET. Make the most of each workout.

Maximize your efforts with dynamic heart rate monitoring

Makibes BR3 will display racing data in different colors during the time of training. Different colors represent a different area of cardiac rhythm. You can check their real time, to know, you are there you are in the fat burns, cardio or peak area for optimizing the intensity and clock face in your endeavors.

Heart Rate Warning

Makibes BR3 will be warned if you reach the maximum and minimum frequency of heart contractions when you are exercising. It not only can play optimal performance but also provides security. It will help you to explore your own training, in the period as the optimal function guarantee provides performance.

Variability of heart rhythm

Makibes BR3 can effectively indicate to fatigue and the state of recovery, to prevent sports injuries, and to ensure the safety of training.

Multi-Sport Management

17 kinds of sports, you can choose (jogging, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, swimming, basketball, badminton, soldiers ball, football, volleyball, jump rope, yoga, aerobics, skating on ice skating, tennis .). Makibes BR3 can automatically detect Sports games and play with the ball. Record real-time heart rate, workout duration, distance automatically.

See progress on screen

This will indicate to the situation in a mode of real time. If you reach your target duration and distance, the Makibes BR3 will remind you with vibration.

Notification of incoming calls

At the time, as the Bluetooth connection, if there is an incoming call, it will show the ID of the subscriber. Almost application notification can be synchronized with the clock.

Connect to Strava

When you connect accounting records Strava data from Zerona Health Pro will be available in a range of Strava. (This feature is available for Android users). Moreover, it has Monitoring sleep, stopwatch, timer, customized dial, reminder, to move, alarm, do not disturb.

The Makibes BR3 is compatible with Android 5.0 and IOS 9.0, however, it also supports newer versions of both. It has a built-in Lithium battery with a capacity of 250mAh, the standby time is range between 5 – 7 days. The smartwatch comes with a magnetic charger that holds the watch from the back of it.

This product is more power able than another smartwatch. The cost of this product is reasonable. And with the reasonable cost, Makibes gives you dream able product. Makibes BR3 is a good alternative for a heart rate monitor. So, if you just want to see how you can get better by training in heart rate zones, can keep everything online then such a link for your phone is really more than enough.

Buy Makibes BR3 Smartwatch For $44.99

If you are interested to buy it, so you can find this amazing Makibes BR3 Smartwatch in the Geekbuying at a price of $44.99.


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