How to make SD card work as RAM on Xiaomi Smartphones?

Need more RAM in your Xiaomi smartphones? Well, XiaomiToday provides you the guide to increase the memory of Xiaomi terminals quickly and as much as you want.


Guide to increase and make SD card work as RAM on Xiaomi Smartphones


SD card

Rooted Smartphone

SD card reader

Window PC

Internet connection to download software

Step 1 – Check whether your phone support swapping or not:

To make your SD card as RAM, your phone must support swap function. You can download swap check to see if your phone ROM supports swapping.

Step 2 – Partition your SD card:

  1. For partitioning SD card you have to download Mini Tool Partition software.
  2. Install it on your window PC.
  3. Now connect your SD card with card reader.
  4. Open mini tool application and click on your SD card and select Delete option.
  5. This will format your SD card, so before doing this backup your data at any place in PC or pen drive.
  6. Now your SD card is formatted, and you have an empty card with unallocated space.
  7. Make partition by right clicking on the SD card. Select the partition as primary and file system as FAT32 for a card more than 4GB.
  8. Leave about 1 GB memory for next partition.
  9. Then select done and again click on make option select primary partition but change the file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
  10. Click on apply changes and after processing for few minutes, the partition is completed.

 Step 3 Root your phone:

After portioning install Link2sd from Google play or download and install .apk format from here.

Launch the app and give root permission. Chose .ext partition that you had made before.

Sorts the app and start linking them.

Step 4 – Increasing RAM:

Coming to the main point now:

  1. For increasing RAM you have to download “Swapper for Root” from Google play store.
  2. Open the app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase.
  3. The application will make .swp file and after a sought your RAM is increased.
  4. You can also increase your RAM by using Android’s ROEHSOFT RAM expander, here how to do it-
  5. Check your kernel support swap or not.
  6. Download ROEHSOFT app from android market.
  7. Follow guideline for swapping your phone.
  8. Select the language to open application for the first time.
  9. Click swap active to create a swap file and enable it.
  10. After completing the process, activate swap file.
  11. This expander application uses part of your SD card as RAM and speeds up your phone.

Now you can enjoy all the HD games and apps that require large RAM for operation. Its recommended to use a large memory card for getting better results. Getting any problem? Comment!


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