MAGICSEE N5 Max Review [at $59.99]

MAGCISEE is a brand which usually produces TV boxes. Recently, this brand launches a TV box named as N5. This product is quite outstanding in a feature as its hardware is quite exceptional and its price range is also reasonable. It supports high resolution that means 4k videos and also 3D games can be played by it.

Check detail of MagicSEE N5 Max

MAGICSEE N5 Max review


The design of this product follows the standard. However, there is only one color is available which is black. The shape of this box is square in shape. Moreover, their every edge is rounded. Here, every part that means top, bottom, front surfaces is nicely finished. The aesthetics of the Remote is also wonderful. It is not only a powerful device but also users can use it conveniently. One of its benefits is there is a wide range of connectors and it supports up to 64 GB for trans flash cards.

Flexibility in use

We can take the service of Google services and it has also some built-in applications. It can be an outstanding product for the person who is eager to enjoy movies in large monitor or screen and can also play some android games.

Excellent ways of communication with others

Usually, we communicate with others by mobile phone or sometimes laptops or desktops. When we chat two or three people through smartphones at a time it is difficult for us to reply to them in time. So, if now think about online chatting through a huge TV screen. In times of chatting, we will get a large surface and also in terms of video calling we can contact more comfortably.

Better experience in playing games

Playing games through TV in this term we are quite unknown. Most of the time we play games via mobile phone. And in that case, we face too many problems like visualization, slow down etc. But when we play it on a huge v screen we can eliminate these problems. And it can be possible if we use MAGICSEE N5 Max TV Box.

Quality of Image

MAGICSEE TV box ensures the best possible quality of the pictures and videos. It supports both high quality and low-quality videos.

Easy to Use

By using MAGICSEE N5 Max TV box we can enjoy a lot number of online games. Another point is, we can link it with our mobile phone. So when we read a text we can link to the screen and by this, we can read that document more comfortably.

Operating system

The operating system of MAGICSEE N5 Max TV box is android 8.1. In this method, we can change the theme dark and light easily. Another is it includes most of the icon in the home menu and also we can easily notice the remaining of the charge of the battery. By activating ultra-power saving mode we can save our battery and also in the night time we can activate the night light option. Its operating system is also more standard than the previous version.

Processor: Amlogic S905X2

MAGICSEE N5 Max uses this processor. By this, we can get a better performance of the CPU. It also makes a better visual performance.

Some others function

MAGICSEE N5 Max also supports 3D videos and 3D games. 3D videos are one of the most entertaining things at this time. For watching 3D movies we go to the cinema but if we get that opportunity we can watch that kind of videos more frequently. As we are fond of natural things, so in the time when we play games like FIFA, Commando or other high-resolution games if that can be played in 3D that will be more enjoyable.

External Subtitle Supported

While we are watching a movie, a series or some other video in some Player, we tend to turn subtitles on. Subtitles help us greatly to understand some part of the story or even an entire movie if it is in some language that we do not understand. MAGICSEE N5 Max allows us to open up external subtitles and use it for our current video.

Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output

MAGICSEE N5 Max supports 5.1 surround sound output which is the better choice; this is down to the individual and the space you are using.. They deliver all the necessary channels to provide a true surround sound setup. In a small room, a five channel system is sufficient and we probably will get a worse sound experience by moving to seven. However, in larger spaces, the extra two channels can be more appropriate.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

MAGICSEE N5 Max supports Bluetooth. That means we can easily exchange files through it. Another point is by it we can exchange our files about a long range without affecting the charge of the battery.

MAGICSEE N5 Max uses 5 GHz Wi-Fi, which is usually faster. Its frequency can support up to 1Gbps of output.

Ethernet 1000mbps

1000 Mbps Ethernet (GbE or 1 GigE) is the various technologies for transmitting Ethernet frames at a rate of a gigabit per second. It is considerably faster. The cables and equipment are standard and have been very common and economical.


MAGICSEE N5 Max TV box price is in a reasonable range. We don’t need to buy a power adapter, Remote control, cable because we will get it by buying the box.

What we don’t like: It has also some limitations. Like, its TF card is only up to 64 GB but if it could up to minimum 128 GB that will make more sense. Another point is it can’t be supported to the DVD. Although DVD is a quite dead letter nowadays, still this facility should include.  The key problem is sometimes it becomes hot which may have some negative effects on our TV screen also


  • Its launcher can be changed.
  • Its benchmarks are not highly standard.
  • It can play hhigh-resolutionvideos.
  • 3D games can be easily and comfortably played by it.


  • Sometimes Box becomes a little bit hot.
  • Although it supports high-resolution videos, sometimes it makes some difficulties.


MAGICSEE N5 TV Box is a device to make common TV become a smart TV, and enjoy private theater at home with family. As it gives too many facilities like easy communication facilities, better gaming opportunities, quality pictures, easy to set up and use and moreover, its price is affordable we can easily buy for our enjoyment in times of entertainment.


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