Xiaomi launched the Machine Island AI Point Pen, a new reading pen

The large Chinese technology company, Xiaomi, decided to introduce its users a new product under the Youpin crowdfunding platform, who used to have the name Mijia, and this is the 304th product that comes out of this technological giant’s platform. This new product is called Machine Island AI Point Pen, but instead of being a pen used to write, it has the function of interpreting words.

As such, this product was made by third parties, because it was manufactured by Nanjing Machine Island Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

Xiaomi launched the Machine Island AI Point Pen, a new reading pen

This is the new reading pen Machine Island AI Point Pen

The new Machine Island AI Point Pen does not have the function of writing, but works as a braille reader, in the sense that it reads the words as the pen is slid over a book. That being said, it is possible that the most spectacular feature that this product has is the integration of the intelligent assistant Xiao AI. On the other hand, this device also functions as a story machine, a learning machine, and a translator, because it can provide translations from Chinese to English and vice versa.

This device can be synchronized with the application made by Mijia to collect useful data, as well as to promote the interest and learning process of the person who is using it. It comes with Wifi 802.711 b/g/n, which provides unlimited download capacity, along with an automatic content update.

This is the new reading pen Machine Island AI Point Pen

The Machine Island AI Point Pen is specially designed to help the development of the child in five basic skills, which are self-care, social, psychological, cognitive and logical thinking. Its database contains 20 subtopics, in addition to 1200 knowledge points and more than 2000 words in Chinese and English. Since this is a product for children, the design is simple and fun, having a body made of silicone with a soft finish that ends up being comfortable to hold.

Design of this new Xiaomi product

As for the design, this pen has a common shape, although it has a structure a little more robust than normal. In the upper half of the body, the microphone opening is located, and just below it, there is an intelligent intercom key.

Xiaomi launched the Machine Island AI Point Pen

The volume control buttons are located next to the intercom key, while on the other side are the power button and the USB charging port. The design of the Machine Island AI Point Pen is specially made so that the pen can also be used as a walkie talkie. Finally, the tip of this is actually the area of reading recognition, and cannot produce ink to write.

With respect to its market price, this new intelligent product is expected to start shipping on February 28 with a price tag of 299 yuan (which is around $44).


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