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Are you looking for a wireless earphone? Yes, this time I am here with an incredible wireless earphone named LYMOC M3X. Its awesome features and cool appearance make it different from others. In this article, I am gonna discuss every pros and con about LYMOC M3X. So follow me to get a complete LYMOC M3X Stereo Review. Let’s go deep.

LYMOC M3X Stereo Review

Now we will discuss the main features of LYMOC M3X, its design and appearance, full specification and so on. Let’s go see what’s special here.

LYMOC M3X Stereo Review


Design and Appearance

First of all, it’s a cool looking earphone. Now we will see its design and appearance in different perspectives.

The design is pretty simple. Two speakers and a microphone is attached with a cable.

Its cable length is 0.7m and you have to wear LYMOC M3X in your ear with the ear hook. See the cable length is not long at all. This makes LYMOC M3X comfortable for you. Moreover, the cable looks stable and durable.


The speakers are made of metal and the insulation with every speaker makes it more appealing and easy to use.

There is a microphone near to one of its speaker. The brand name LYMOC has been written on one of its surfaces. The other controlling buttons are placed on the other surface of the microphone. The microphone has been placed in exact position and the user can easily control it. The microphone suits with the package nicely because of its small size and simple controlling system.


Moreover, it’s a light weighted earphone and that makes the whole thing more perfect.

This is all about LYMOC M3X’s design and performance. From my personal experience, I have to tell LYMOC M3X’s simple design makes it comfortable, easy to use and more appealing to users.

The Hardware

It’s a product from LYMOC. Its hardware system is highly configured and makes it a special choice for you. Let’s see.

It uses CSR8645 chip. The 10 mm driver unit makes its speaker more updated. The speaker came with bigger size and neutral sound.

The metal speakers with extra insulation make its performance better and durable. The insulation makes you feel comfortable in case of continuous usage and avoid dropping.

Multifunctional microphone and long lasting cable will amuse you definitely.

LYMOC M3X Stereo Review


It’s a Bluetooth wireless earphone. It uses the Bluetooth chip of CSR8645. Its Bluetooth version is 4.1 and the new chip has made its performance much better. It can connect devices within 10 meters with a stable signal and no interference. You can use it with different types of devices and that’s great. It can connect IOS and Android mobile phones, computers and many portable media players.

IPX4 waterproof and sweatproof

LYMOC M3X is waterproof and sweatproof. This is not a common feature in every earphone. You can use it if it’s raining, with wet hands or during sports time. This is helpful in many cases.

It’s a common thing you are doing staffs at outdoors and you are sweating a lot. This time it will be no problem if you are using  LYMOC M3X. It’s interesting, huh?

If you are a sports person or music person and love to get in touch with an earphone all time, then  LYMOC M3X is the perfect option for you. This waterproof feature makes it perfect for heavy usage.

But one thing you need to know it can only resist light water attachment like sweat, rainwater or wet hands. You cannot use it during swimming period or heavy raining. But that doesn’t matter. Who uses the earphone during swimming?

Long lasting powerful battery

This time LYMOC M3X came with strong and powerful battery service. It has 110 mAh built in Li-ion battery. Its standby time is more than 240 hours. LYMOC M3X is giving you 8-10 hours music and talk time support. Its charging system is updated and fast as well. It only takes 15-2 hour to charge the battery fully.

Connect with two phones

You can connect your LYMOC M3X with two different phones or two devices. I find it interesting and it’s a rare one! I find this feature helpful practically when I was using it with my computer and mobile phone Simultaneously. It’s irritating if you are using an earphone with two devices and you have to connect each time you move on to the other device. LYMOC M3X is giving you the opportunity to connect with two devices and you can easily switch between two devices with the controlling button of the microphone.

Amazing sound quality

LYMOC M3X is giving you the best sound performance and I want to mention it specially. DSP CVC6.0 noise canceling allows you to filter surrounding noise and reduce background noise at anywhere and anytime, whatever outside running, walking or hiking and indoor working, reading, etc. From personal experience and as per users opinions, its noise canceling system works smoothly and I can assure its clear and neutral sound quality will amuse you certainly.

Other functions

LYMOC M3X is offering you some extra functions to gain the best experience. The 1080 HD microphone allows you to answer your phone calls, song switching, connected devices switching and so on. You will get HiFi support to enjoy your music and sounds in a better way. Voice prompts and voice controlling service will be a real assistant for you. Moreover, you will get one pair of Earcaps, one USB cable and an English manual to get everything clear with LYMOC M3X.

LYMOC M3X Stereo Review


If you have read the whole review, then you should get everything clear about LYMOC M3X. It’s amazing with I’s incredible sound performance and exciting features. There is nothing negative to tell about LYMOC M3X. If you are a music loving person and ready to buy an earphone for heavy usage, then you should give a try with LYMOC M3X. It’s a cool design and unique features have made it worth buying. So, go check it.


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