Lymoc K9 TWS Wireless Earphones: Is it Worth Buying? [Best Price]

TWS or totally wireless earphones have been a niche in the audio market for quite a while now. With many big hitters and tiny names being equally successful and some backfiring, it has been a rather unpredictable field. One of the many competitors for a spot in this market is Lymoc. Their latest product is one of the many different takes on totally wireless earphones with a charging case called the Lymoc K9 TWS. While it may be an unknown product to many, it is a good product with multiple experiences to enjoy.

Is the LYMOC K9 TWS worth your money?

A design that stands out

Most of the TWS earphones that are in the market copy a style similar to the AirPods. Such models employed a earbud design with a tail end sticking out. Some others have a earbud with a circular frame outside. The Lymoc K9 Wireless Earphones shakes things up a bit here. The earbuds might look similar to the ones by the Lenovo Air, but the external body is entirely different. Trying to stray away from the circular frame while retaining a classic look, the square body feels like a good choice.

A simple yet elegant rectangular frame outside the earbuds makes the Lymoc K9 Earphones a viable favourite for those who are looking for something different without shunning the whole classic TWS design. It is the best of both worlds.

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Smooth controls

One dilemma that is sure to arise when discussion regarding TWS pops up is how smooth will the user experience be. It is quite a valid point to be taken into account as there are no visible controls like those that are generally seen along embedded along with the microphone of wired earphones.

The Lymoc K9 TWS like many other TWS earphones looks for touch-sensitive controls on the metal frame. Those controls are smooth and the sensor is receptive to all the touches with a quick response rate. The time to wait for execution of the control is none and a concept of a time gap or a lag is nonexistent with the Lymoc K9 Earphones.

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Long music at your ear

The Lymoc K9 TWS provides a full 4 hours of music playback and talk time. With the charging bin which houses the earphones has the capability to allow 3 to 4 extra charges that take from one to one and a half hour. These numbers are really good in the wireless earphone market. With such a standard battery backup, the Lymoc K9 Wireless Earphones is a lovely choice for those looking for a long time of music in their ears.

Charging the charging bin isn’t a tedious task with the Lymoc K9 TWS. It can be charged swiftly with the cable that comes with it.

Should you buy Lymoc K9 TWS?

The way Lymoc K9 TWS has a difference with it ain’t because it employs a lot of new sophistication or a lot of new technology. The simple thinking used by Lymoc to bring out their own take on something in the market makes it a wonderful buy. Their combination of originality with the existing products to bring something fresh yet familiar makes it a pleasure to use.


  • Good battery life
  • Smooth controls
  • Pleasing and comfortable design


  • No charging indicator on the case

Currently you can purchase both the black & white versions of LYMOC K9 TWS Earphones for a stunning price of just $64.77. Anyways do share your thoughts about this amazing TWS on the comments section below.

LYMOC K9 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone (BLACK)

Best Price: $64.74

LYMOC K9 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone (WHITE)

Best Price: $64.74


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