XiaoMi Mini Power Strip at $16.27

Xiaomi is an expert that make our lives better and easier, and taking advantage we could also say that he is determined to embellish it. This is why it presents us with a recently launched extension to the market, the Xiaomi Mini Power Strip, unique and intelligent that will be indispensable in your home. If we speak honestly, plug extensions are a necessity in everyday life but not everyone likes them, either because they occupy too much space or because they look ugly. However, we assure that with this new Xiaomi product, the situation will change radically. In addition, along with this presentation that we are about to do, we offer you a great discount in Gearbest with coupon included.

Xiaomi Mini Power Strip

Xiaomi Mini Power Strip: Design

As we said, people are accustomed to large and poor extensions, Xiaomi wanted to surprise us and looked for ways to change and improve it. For this reason, it was mainly made of a very compact size of only 22.5 x 4.1 x 2.6 cm and 305g of weight; So, if you do not want to leave it in plain sight, you can always save it very easily. Whoever thought that extensions should have a USB port? Well, it seems that Xiaomi read us the mind and placed three USB ports of autoadaptación 2.1 and 3.1A.

XiaoMi Mini Power Strip

This extension is manufactured through the use of high-quality materials. In addition, the customization of the core components and the optimization of the structure has finally made it 50% smaller than the products of the competition. Xiaomi has made it concise and delicate to be a decoration of your home. On the other hand, high-quality tin phosphor bronze was used to make its internal structure. This has good elasticity, strong electrical conductivity and high resistance to wear.

Xiaomi adds the anti-slip pads positioned with screws, this way it can be placed on any flat surface. Even Xiaomi was concerned about the light that indicates that it is on, unlike the old red lights that bother the eyes, soft white light is better for the eyes.

Xiaomi Mini Power Strip: Features

It has an intelligent charging chip that can automatically adjust the current for different devices (it supports 2A fast charging); it also has protection against electric leaks. The energy conversion rate is up to 82%, so it saves energy and is more efficient.

Xiaomi Mini Power Strip

Triple protection, the first thing is safety

  • It has a professional overload protector fitted. When the load exceeds the normal cutting power supply, it shuts off to effectively prevent the fire hazard.
  • It effectively prevents fire risks because it is coated with high-quality PC material with flame retardant composition. Supports high temperature up to 750 ° C.
  • Children do not always know what is dangerous, sometimes they can insert a finger or metal into the electrical outlet. To prevent an accident from occurring, Xiaomi added independent security doors in each group of the power outlet.


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