[Lowest Price] Xiaomi Mi 5x 4/64GB at $199 [Coupon]

The New version for the Xiaomi Mi5 range is the new Xiaomi Mi5x, with some very interesting features, total metal body and cameras of good quality. The phone has been available exclusive to China, But if you are an MIUI firmware fan then you should definitely get now.

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[Lowest Price] Xiaomi Mi5x 4/64GB at $199.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi Mi 5X, possibly the mid-range mobile that best suits what we all look for. Balanced, good design, good camera, good battery, powerful, cheap and of a standard size. One of the Android phones that meets all the characteristics to become a best seller.

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The frames of the Xiaomi Mi 5X are quite wide up and down; in the lower one to make room for the capacitive buttons, which light up when used, and in the upper one for the front camera and the proximity sensor. Yes, it is a device that feels light, is not slippery and also has a thickness of only 7.3mm. Three points that combined make the design of the Xiaomi Mi 5X a success. There is nothing special or perhaps recognizable, but it is very practical, just what many people look for in a mobile in this price.

With a completely metallic body with curved edges, the design of the Xiaomi Mi 5X favors the concealment of the antennas responsible for coverage and data communications, so that large bands that break the design are avoided, very much in the line of terminals previous of the oriental brand.

The Snapdragon 625 is the brain choice of the new terminal, a Qualcomm processor that offers eight Cortex A53 2.2GHz cores plus an Adreno 506 GPU to take charge of all the graphics section. For the memories, we will have 4GB in RAM and 64GB in internal storage, expandable by a microSD.

[Lowest Price] Xiaomi Mi5x 4/64GB at $199.99 [Coupon]

Xiaomi Mi 5X has a team of two cameras in the back, a dual system formed by a pair of 12-megapixel sensors in which one will be a wide-angle and the another a telephoto lens, or telephoto lens. As indicated by Xiaomi, the same equipment as the one mounted by the Xiaomi Mi 6 so we will have at our disposal the same way Portrait to play with the close-ups and the blurs.

The Xiaomi Mi 5X, with its 5.5 inches, will be powered by a 3,080 mAh battery that should offer us a day of autonomy without too many problems, and that will also feature Quick Charge Quick Charge thanks to the Qualcomm chip. Everything will be there from what we expect at a smartphone from this price range, but we will also have a dedicated audio chip to improve the multimedia experience. And the reader of fingerprints in the back will not be absent.

Xiaomi Mi 5X at this price range is definitely a steal deal, That offers some features which even the high-end Flagship phones lack these days, The Camera is excellent, The Build is Good, The display is Sharp and You can choose the Software of your choice. Its definitely a must buy product at this price, And we recommend you to immediately grab one Before it runs out of stock at this cheap price.

11.11GB176 (Use This Coupon Code for Huge Discount, Only applicable via our Link below)

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