XIAOMI CHUANGMI 720P Smart Camera at $23.97 [Coupon]

The  Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P camera is a device designed for the general security of any place. Mainly it stands out for its wide spectrum that includes 120 degrees of vision and for its nocturnal efficiency in which, thanks to its infrared rays, it can have vision and detection of movement up to a distance of 9 meters. It is highly recommended for homes, offices, restaurants and even small businesses.

This camera is very easy to adjust thanks to a simple configuration tool, which we can access from any type of network. Likewise, we want to take advantage of the fact that this device is on sale thanks to the link and coupon that you will find below, so you can buy it a little more economically than at its usual price. For now, let’s see the most outstanding features of this device.


Design of the Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P

This camera has a pretty stylized white design, which apart from being pleasing to the eye, helps make its installation easy. It has dimensions of 7.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm and a weight of only 65 grams, so it is an ultra light and portable equipment. It has a spherical design with the optical lens in the center, supported by a cone-shaped support.


Sensor of the Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P

As for the technical specifications of this camera, it has a  CMOS lens with a wide angle of 120 degrees, it supports high definition recording at 720p with image change technology. The video recorded by this camera can be seen in real time thanks to the mobile application My home, This application is compatible for both Android and iOS; The video is recorded in the MPEG-4 format at 25 frames per second.


Features of the Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P

This camera is able to record in real time and send a warning notification to our smartphone, so we will always know what happens in the place where we installed it. It has a sleep mode to protect the privacy of the family when used preventively within the home, also incorporates 6 units of infrared lights with which we will have a superior vision at night, being able to record up to 9 meters away. This camera has the particular feature of being able to use it with our smartphone, thus being able to make video calls thanks to this, since it has its own microphone and a speaker.


Although it is not a camera that is designed to record constantly outdoors, (since it does not have IP68 certification), we can still use it in open spaces that are protected from water and sun. From the web interface of this camera, we can set a fixed time to make daily backups, in case we want to record a specific time. Another interesting feature of the Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P is that it has motion detection up to 10 meters away.

Connectivity of the Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P

This camera has a slot for Micro SD cards up to 64GB, so we will not have problems when recording videos continuously and automatically. If we have a router of the Xiaomi family, this camera is able to connect automatically with it, it is also compatible with Power Bank devices to use it in a portable way. It should be mentioned that this camera has a  WiFi connection 802.11 b / g / n  and it has a maximum distance of 10 meters. It is compatible in the same way with any Smart TV, tablet, smartphone and any other device in which we can see the image or the video captured by the device.


Availability and price of the Xiaomi Chuangmi 720P

Currently, this camera can be purchased for only $23.97 thanks to the discount coupon, but do not forget that it is for a limited time. To buy it you just have to enter the following link and add the coupon.

Coupon Code: WP1HL02839


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