(Lowest Price) Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag Level 4 Waterproof Now For $7.59 (Free Shipping)

If you are in search of a cheap backpack under $10, then Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag might be the best option out there. The price of the bag has hit rock-bottom which is only $7.59 (all-colors) only on the famous Global Chinese store ‘Banggood’.  What’s more is that the Xiaomi 10L Backpack has free shipping on it.

Let’s know more about the new Xiaomi backpack and find what makes it a must-buy for such a jaw-dropping price tag:

Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag – 4 Pockets, Ultra-Lightweight, Level 4 Waterproof

Providing more space in a small sized bag is what’s Xiaomi 10L Backpack is all about. Despite occupying a small space of 34x 22.5x13cm, it has 3 small pockets (2 on sides, one on the front) and one large pocket. In these pockets, you can easily add one umbrella, water bottle, iPad, wallet, keys, smartphone, power bank, some shirts and there will still be enough space left for other things. Pretty much from a 10L bag, isn’t it?

Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag - Dimensions

Though, it’s not a standard sized backpack but a smaller one, which is suitable for picnics, toddlers etc. Furthermore, the small size and the 100% polyester fiber material enables it to weigh only 165 grams (weight of a standard 5.5-inch smartphone). It’s anti-wrinkle and foldable making it portable and durable as well.

Xiaomi 10L Backpack

The appearance and the color choices are what makes this backpack sell. Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag is available in 8 colors (Light Blue, Dark Red, Navy, Orange, Black, Yellow, Green, Pink), where each colored backpack has its own unique design. We prefer the black one which has the straight streaks design and reflects a business backpack, but we guess that everyone has different taste. With the Mi logo on the front, it makes others know that you are wearing a Xiaomi backpack. There’s no hole for passing earphones or cable. If there would have been one, that would have ruined the level 4 water-resistance of the bag.

Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag - Features 2 Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag - front zipper


Since it’s polyester, Xiaomi has added the Level 4 Waterproof feature making the items inside the backpack immune to water. Another aspect is the high-quality YKK zip fastener, which allows you to easily open the four compartments of the backpack effortlessly.

Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag - Features

As far as the wearing experience is concerned, the backpack is already lightweight, but there are solid braces filled with EPE cotton for a comfortable shoulder wear.

Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag - Features 1

We simply can’t expect such expensive features from a backpack under $10. Can we?

Pros & Cons


  • Level 4 Waterproof
  • Elegant design
  • 4 pockets in 10L capacity
  • 8 colors to select each with a unique design
  • Extremely durable and portable
  • Stupendously Low Price


  • None

Xiaomi 10L Packpack Bag – Price Comparison

Aliexpress $9.57
Gearbest $9.28
Geekbuying $10.99
Banggood  $7.59 + Free Shipping

Xiaomi 10L Backpack Bag – Price & Availability

As you can see above, you can grab a Xiaomi 10L Backpack for the best price of $7.59 with free shipping. Here’s the link to the store below:




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