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Lowest Price for Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier! Only $117.99 with Coupon!

According to some researches, the air humidity between 30%-40% is the best for the human being to live. If the air humidity is lower than 30%, people will be easy to feel uncomfortable. Because dry air will cause itchy skin, increased rhinitis, dry eyes, etc.

Therefore, It is important to consciously keep the humidity of the space we live in at 30%-40%. But how?

This is why the air purifier comes to our life?And now, there is a high-quality product coming to our eyes, Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier.

Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier

Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier is characterized by a minimalist design and a white color of the casing, which is the fact that it is suitable for humidifying large surfaces. The design is nice and very elegant, it fits nicely with other Xiaomi Smart Home appliances. It’s a small air humidifier with a size 35x35x70cm and only 5.1kg, easy to move anywhere you need!


Feature :

? Quiet and low-power: Quiet and energy-saving running for a long time to ensure the continuous supply of moist air. 34.3dB mute sleep protection
? Automatic water evaporation: Running for 8h when it reaches the lowest level, automatic evaporation water, avoiding the smell
? Smart control: It can be operated through the Xiaomi APP
? Integrated capacitive touch panel, display operation integration
? 4L large water capacity, the usage time is 16h
?Open water tank, easy to wash
? Convenient waterflooding: The capacitance water level sensor detects the water level automatically, and the panel water level lamp shows the water level

Buy Xiaomi Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier on BANGGOOD Only $117.99 with Coupon Code: BGSMIA06 Xiaomitoday Best Deal

Evaporation is considered the most natural and safest method of air humidification. Take advantage of the evaporation, this humidifier has a rotary disc which unlike filters, doesn’t need to be changed.
Original Xiaomi Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier with 4L Capacity support Mi home APP Control, it is Controlled by the Mi Home mobile app, you can enable and disable humidification by smartphone or tablet, set its intensity (three levels of humidification and automatic mode) and determine the level of humidity be sought by Xiaomi. The device will automatically stop operation if the relative humidity reaches 70% or the water tank is empty, so there is no need to worry about the significant air humidity or damage to the device.

What’s more, this device is an environment-friendly product with low-power consumption. It uses just 220V and has a power supply of 8W. And it is quiet when it works! You needn’t worry it will bother you when you sleep or work!

The Xiaomi Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier has so many benefits to our health, it does not only refreshes us but also helps us to eradicate dry skin, sore throat, and nasal irritation.
You need one for your air-conditional space in summer, and you also will need it in the dry winter.
This product will take care of you, your family, your friends via converting dry air into a very pleasant and healthy humidity. So don’t miss it at such a cheapest price!

Only $117.99 with coupon code: BGSMIA06! First come first serve?Deadline: July 15th, 2019. Don’t miss it?

Buy Xiaomi Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier on BANGGOOD Only $117.99 with Coupon Code: BGSMIA06 Xiaomitoday Best Deal


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