LK-TE8 AirPods TWS: A i10 & i12 TWS Rival!

Airpod clones are selling like hotcakes in the audible technology market and there are many companies fighting for the top spot. With a quite unusual long wait time for the successor the i13 TWS, there have been of rumors of it peeking up on AliExpress. Amidst all rumors and confusions surrounding the i13 TWS, another AirPod clone has hit the market and also resembles the i13 TWS to an extent. This is a shocker. The device that has been able to pull off such a replica is the LK TE8 AirPods TWS earphones.

The LK-TE8 TWS is a brand new AirPods clone that shares the same specs and design as the i13 TWS.

Even if the LK TE8 TWS seems to copy vast portions of the i13 TWS design that is about to take the market by storm, there’s one huge question that needs to be answered. Is the LK TE8 TWS as good as replicating the features of AirPods and not just limited to cloning the looks of the i13 TWS? Here’s the answer with 5 reasons as of how the LK TE8 TWS gets it past the design and onto the performance. Or in short, 5 reasons why it is a good buy.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy LK-TE8 Airpods TWS:

Single ear or going duo

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The LK TE8 TWS is one earphone which has the capacity to work on both ears or even when only one single earbud is used. The binaural technology helps the TE8 to work even in a single ear. Since both earbuds have their own stereo systems, the impact and experience aren’t turned down a notch. This helps those people who want to listen to music, but don’t want to miss out on the talk happening around them as well.

This single ear feature sets the LK TE8 TWS much ahead from the previous models of the i13TWS which would never work without the right earbud. Those versions had only one Bluetooth receptor. The TE8 has come a long way ahead from such tech to work on any ear of the users choice.

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A battery to behold

Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews (YT)

It is quite evident that the LK TE8 TWS doesn’t come with wireless charging options for the charging case like the i13 TWS.

Even then, the LK TE8 TWS has a good track record in terms of battery. Clocking in a bit more than the average battery life of 3 to 4 hours found in general TWS earphones of the market, the LK TE8 TWS does it better with 5 to 6 hours available on the earpods with a single charge.

Talking about how long it takes to charge, the LK TE8 TWS requires only 1.5 hours for a complete charge. The charging case can handle 4 charges per set and it takes longer than the earpods for a full charge. The TE8 does the i13 TWs one better if the battery life is the same as the i12, as a higher battery is more important than a wireless charging feature.

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A beautiful bass blend

Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews (YT)

The LK TE8 TWS takes care to have a good amount of bass. This is the best step to bring in music enthusiasts and TE8 succeeds here. The level of bass produced is a beauty for every audiophile. It blends in with music in a manner without overpowering the lyrics. This blend of bass and lyrics is assured to make audiophiles go crazy for the LK TE8 AirPods TWS.

No water worries

The LK TE8 TWS comes with an IPX6 waterproof rating. This makes it ideal to be used in the gym without any worries of being stopped by the sweat on your head. Other than working it out in the gym, the TE8 can also be used in areas of low water splashes worry-free.

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Siri Summoning made simple

Replicas and knockoffs are always in a race to get one better than the original. The AirPods 2 is rumoured to have Siri support integrated on the earbuds eliminating the need of voicing ‘Hey Siri’ every time. The LK TE8 has already integrated that on their touch and gesture system. This makes summoning Siri a simple task with just a tap on the specific point on each earbud. Such simple minor modifications go in a long way in making the knockoff give a tight fight to the original.

Price & Availability:

Already overwhelmed by the tech behind the LK TE8 Airpods? What’s more amazing is that, you can purchase the LK TE8 Airpods TWS for just $41.29 on Gearbest. From my perspective, undeniably the LK TE8 Airpods makes up-to the i12 TWS and also at some points proves to be even better than the i12 TWS. Anyways do share your thoughts and views on the LK TE8 Airpods on the comments section below.

Considering the Price Tag, the LK TE8 Airpods TWS is a great Airpods Alternative!

Offer Price: $41.29


Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres or 32.81 Feet
Assistant Support: Yes
Dock Charging Capacity: Can charge the earbuds up-to 3 Times
Charging time: 1.5 Hour
Battery: 350mAh lithium-ion battery
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

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