List of Top Countries with fast internet in 2019

Being the regular internet user, you might be wondering that which country enjoys using fast internet speed. Yes, there are thousands or millions of people worldwide pursuing their career as a digital nomad or work for a remote job, and fast internet speed is surely one of the paramount factors. With the advancement in technology, the global internet speed is improving and getting faster day by day. It is worthy significant to know the names of countries with fast internet in 2019.

According to the statistics, it is important to know that the average global broadband speed of internet is 11.03 Mbps which takes around 30 hours to download a movie of 5GB. There are almost 141 countries that offer average speed less than 10Mbps that is the minimum deemed speed assisting different families or even a small business to meet up their demands. So get to know about countries with fast internet 2019.

Countries with fast internet 2019

The speed of internet is improving with established infrastructure but countries that are likely smaller and well established possess the fastest internet speed. It means less developed nations are larger countries and have slow internet. The 2018 table shows Singapore at the top of the list with fast internet with 60.39 Mbps average downloading speed while Sweden takes the second place. The US despite being top performer worldwide possesses 25.86 average speeds ranking at number 20. If you are wondering what is your internet speed then you can simply do an Etisalat speed test to know stats of your internet.

In 2019, Europe with most countries has fast internet speed while Jersey is proving its citizens with 67.46 Mbps average speed. Sweden 55.18Mbps, Denmark 43.99Mbps, and Luxembourg with 40.12Mbps average internet speed which ranks them among the top 50 countries with fast internet 2019. You will be amazed to know that region of Asia Pacific has some fastest internet countries that include Taiwan, the top of the list, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and then Hong Kong. Get to know the detailed statistics along with average speed, region, and their rank in 2018.


Rank Country Ave. Speed in Mbps Region 2018 Rank
1 Taiwan 85.02 APAC 13
2 Singapore 70.86 APAC -1
3 Jersey 67.46 EUR 7
4 Sweden 55.18 EUR -2
5 Denmark 49.19 EUR -2
6 Japan 42.77 APAC 6
7 Luxembourg 41.69 EUR 1
8 Netherlands 40.21 EUR -1
9 Switzerland 38.85 EUR 2
10 San Marino 38.73 EUR
11 Norway 38.46 EUR -7
12 Andorra 38.31 EUR 6
13 Spain 36.06 EUR 3
14 Belgium 35.69 EUR -8
15 US 32.89 NAM 5
16 Latvia 32.74 EUR -3
17 New Zealand 32.72 APAC 9
18 Estonia 31.55 EUR -3
19 Hong Kong 31.37 APAC 0
20 Hungary 31.10 EUR 11


How internet speed is measured?

Internet speed is measured in Mbps (Megabits per Second) and the report is generated after analysis through the CDN platform which features all countries worldwide but lists only 150 countries with fast internet 2019. All sort of residential and business internet speed is included with unique IP. Hence, all mobile networks and their associated speed are also excluded. The mentioned internet connection speed is calculated on average. Hence, connection speed from individual internet providers is entirely based on different factors that include internet type, performance, locality, and other interference factors.

Broadband Internet

Broadband internet speed varies from country to country and the internet speed depends on the location or area in which you are residing. For example! If you are using broadband in Pakistan you can do a PTCL speed test and it this test will let you know the speed of your broadband. The data is compiled based on average internet speed by data analysis firm along with Google Open Source Research, New Americas Open Technology Institute, Princeton University Planet Lab and other partners.

Internet analytics

The internet analytics release report every year about broadband and mobile internet. Internet speed is surprisingly accelerating all over the world and almost every developing country is in pace. The generated report in 2018 clearly shows almost 15% of internet speed is increased to an average range of 23Mbps while the rate was less increased in 2017 but telecommunication companies took serious measures to introduce a new infrastructure for better speed service. Hence, countries with the worst internet experience include the Middle East, South America, South Pacific, and Africa.

Importance of internet

Internet is used globally and it has become a necessity because of its daily use in all fields of lives. Kids use the internet to perform academic research while professionals utilize the internet to work remotely, share interests or even for paying bills. Nowadays the internet is indeed fast and its collaboration with the latest devices and technologies enables individuals to enjoy movies, shows, downloading, uploading or can share interests.


Thus, those days are gone when individuals have to listen to the screeching tone of a modem connecting to the internet or when downloading took hours or probably days. If you are a resident from one of the countries with fast internet 2019, do invest to avail internet and enjoy all premium features.



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