Likebook Mimas T103D: The Best Amazon Kindle Alternative? (Coupon)

In a time, where e-readers aren’t only Amazon, but many more competitors like Sony, Onyx and others, Likebook has released a new device, the Likebook Mimas T103D. All set to stay clear and ahead of other devices for quite an amount of times, the Likebook Mimas T103D is aimed to be an Amazon Kindle killer.

Rather than just being an e-reader, the Likebook Mimas T103D has other capabilities as well. It can also take notes either by touch or with the help of a stylus that comes with the device. With a lot of improvements from the Likebook Mars T80D, the T103D is well equipped for the Amazon Kindle war and here’s why.


Likebook Mimas T103D: Should you buy?

Display to deliver the read

At 10.3 inches, the Likebook Mimas T103D is the e-reader that is perfect for your reading experience. A size perfectly designed for reading on a device that isn’t a book, the Likebook T103D is a wonderful choice. The 1872 x 1404 and 227ppi resolution used in the T103D allows all fonts to be housed without any disruptions or errors of it being missed. One more amazing fact is that the T103D is the only 10.3-inch e-reader that can be used in the dark.

As in the Mars T80D, the Likebook Mimas T103D also uses white and orange lights to create a candlelight effect. This allows the user to adjust the temperature variant as it suits their use. These simple yet salient features allow the Likebook T103D to stand out from the crowd and appeal to the audience who are looking for e-readers.

An experience so elegant

The Likebook T103D improves from the flaws that were experienced in the native reader present in the Mars T80D. The old interface was quite dull and not inspiring enough for readers to continue staying on the e-reading bandwagon.

The native reader in the T180D improves on all that and provides exclusive and elegant features not generally thought about with other reading interfaces. The basic compatibility issue found in certain interfaces isn’t a problem here. All formats are supported and easily read. For texts with a lot of detailed pictures like those found in manga, comics or others, brightness options to enhance the image to remove the graininess, if any make the Likebook Mimas T103D a viable option for readers of various types. The T103D handles all kinds of texts without any worries.

Other options to be tinkered with are also there in the native reading interface. For left-hand users or those with a manga usage, options are made available for easy accessibility. Since the right-hand gesture might not be preferred, left-hand gestures can also be set from the settings to ensure a smooth and seamless reading experience. Page refresh rates can also be adjusted to suit the speed of different readers.

While all these may come as uninteresting for those so dedicated to certain reader interfaces, the next point explains how the Likebook T103D offers other options.

Amiable Android

The Mars T80D had an interface of its own and not a user-friendly software on the home screen. But the Likebook T103D improves and adapts to give the users a great experience.

Switching over to Android 6.0, the Likebook Mimas T103D tries to bring in more readers. The app store and the UX makes more people comfortable with the Likebook Mimas T103D. The interface is easy to navigate and doesn’t take much time to get the hang off. With such a better interface on the home screen, more people might pick up the Likebook Mimas T103D. The app store allows for many Android compatible reader interfaces to be downloaded easily.

Nimble note taking

The note-taking option of the Likebook T103D is quite helpful and easy to navigate through. With the stylus, tensions of having bad touch-based handwriting can be eliminated. The different pressure sensitivity modes in the Likebook T103D help to have different intensity and darkness of the notes. The best thing about this feature is that the T103D doesn’t register palm prints.

The T103D has a simple and easily navigatable note-making experience which can be easily grasped by all.

Listen on the go

Most e-readers that offer audio functionality can play it only through the speakers. The Likebook T103D allows for connection to audio devices via the 3.5mm headphone jack or even via Bluetooth. This gives the T103D an edge over other competitors.

Stunning 10 Days of Reading Time!

The Likebook T103D has a Type-C charger and not the micro-USB one as was present in the Mars T80D. With a charge of 3 hours, the Likebook T103D provides 10 days of reading time to the reader. The T103D is all about the reader and this long battery life just proves that.

Price & Coupons:

When you compare Kindle with the Likebook you might be able to find both the players produce E-Readers at almost the same price. But on the contrary you can find that the Kindle comparatively has a slower processor. You’re getting a brilliant E-Reader with great viewing angles and a stunning Octa Core Processor for just $549.99. Also we’ve provided a coupon below to attain an additional offer.

Anyways do let us know on the comment section below whether you believe that the Likebook stands a chance to replace the Amazon Kindle as a better E-Reader?

After Coupon Price: $519.99

Coupon: GBLBT103D


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