Lightinthebox Review: Thumping Discounts, Delivery in 3 Days

light in the box
Lightinthebox, a legit and famous shopping site

Online shopping seems to be easy. While sitting on a warm couch, adding products to cart and shipping them at your door step. No need to go outside and waste time. But, believe us it is not that easy as it seems to be. Chances of scamming, customer’s dissatisfaction, wrong product delivery, delayed shipment and other problems may occur frequently. No doubt, there are many famous e-shopping sites like Amazon, Alibaba and Gearbest.  We get lost among the hundreds of options, different stores and varying prices without any reason.

Today you want help relating to a store on which you ask us a lot: Lightinthebox; A trade with fantastic prices, a huge and excellent purchase warrants. Totally legit.

Brief Intro of Lightinthebox:

Lightinthebox is an online wholesale website that allows us to buy retail or wholesale products (from individual or a store). With the physical address in China and the United States, it was founded in 2007 and quickly achieved great success thanks to its range of products at factory prices.

It has warehouses in Europe and in United States, the only reason to offer product delivery in just 3 days.

Lightinthebox Christmas offer
The latest offer on Lightinthebox.

Lightinthebox based on wide range of products:

A site based on 1 million different items and catalog expanding at the rate of thousand everyday. Spectacular figures for a store that has made Lightinthebox one of the shops of reference on global Internet.

Here, the products are mainly divided into three main types:

  • Clothing
  • Home
  • Gadgets

On lightinthebox you can purchase as many items as you want, doesn’t depend whether it is single or a whole lot.

Prices, Payments & Shipping:

The lowest prices on lightinthebox are highlighted in red, always finding deals without risking one’s iota. The website also offer rewards on downloading and using their app, buying more products etc.

Just download the app to get additional rewards Lightinthebox
Just download the app to get additional rewards

As far as payments are concerned, the website supports the most common and usable methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Credit and Debit Card
  3. Western Union

But besides the prices and the trust of the leading shop, lightinthebox glares in the competition, thanks to the policy of improved shipments. We are delighted to know that we don’t have to wait for 1 month to get our order. This amazing website features three shipping options:

  • Expedited Shipping: The fastest, delivery in 3-5 working days
  • Standard Shipping: Delivery within 6-8 business days
  • Super Saver Shipping: Delivery within 10-20 days.

Note: Super Saver Shipping is usually free for most of the products.

Meanwhile the cost of other options depends upon the item and the quantity you are buying. The total price (including the shipment option) will be displayed on the shopping cart before you order.

Difference between Lightinthebox & Miniinthebox:

Both sites have the same concept but there are some differences

Friends, if you have visited both of the sites, you probably have wondered the difference between them. Both belongs to the same group, but there are some subtle differences.

For example, Miniinthebox offers only one option as a form of payment; credit card / debit card or Paypal and shipping time also varies. Meanwhile, Lightinthebox has multiple payment options at the same time and the shipping time is fixed which are 3-5 days or 6-8 or 10-20 days depending upon the option you have selected.

The prices and the catalog may also vary between them, so we always recommend you to consult both of them.





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