Lightinthebox celebrates it’s 9 year – thumping deals, up to 90% discount

Looking for great deals with marvelous discounts? Well, you can find them on a Chinese Store (Lightinthebox) which is celebrating its 9th anniversary by providing offers up to 90% off with unbeatable price tags.

Visiting the promotion page, you will observe many deals especially the clothes category. But don’t worry, there is also a technology section where you can buy phones and gadgets with a stupendous price tag. So what are you waiting for?

Is Lightinthebox a legit and safe store?

A few months back, our avid readers may know that we notified you about this website. In the highlights, Lightinthebox is absolutely legit and trustworthy. The best aspect of the store is that it offers an option of delivery in only 3 days while other stores take nearly a month to deliver your item. We know about the Chinese buying  you would grow fond of looking at the mailbox every day or asking it from your postman.


More about the promotion on 9th Anniversary of Lightinthebox

The promotion is available for a limited amount of time from 12 to 18 March and is mainly based on two types of offers. First is the direct product discount offer, where we see in the articles to promote its former price, the current price and the percentage we saved by buying these days. On the other side, while entering into our account we will get a series of bonds and coupons from $18 to $120 depending on the items we purchase.


As we said in the inception of this article that there are many promotional products, including the technology section such as Xiaomi Note 3 and Oukitel Pro K4000.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3:

This premium and an affordable phone exist among our favourite phones at the current moment. We reviewed Xiaomi Note 3 and we are happy that the 5.5-inch Full-HD phone with Helio X10 (Octa-core) accompanied by 2/3 GB RAM (depending on the version), powered with 4000 mAh battery and a performance more than 50,000 points on Antutu gives us a swaying result.


You can buy it from the promotional site below for $236.


Oukitel Pro K4000:

If you are worried about the autonomy your smartphone, we suggest you Oukitel Pro K4000. The terminal is pretty impressive offering you a large 4,600 mAh battery inside a 5″ HD phone with MTK6735 (Quad-core) processor and 2GB of RAM. Apart from this battery as pros, the manufacturer says that an upgrade to Android 6.0 will be available for K4000 soon.


The product has a price tag of $120.


What more you can buy from Lightinthebox?

If you want to take a look at the other categories with products at a discount, we leave you with this link to the home of the promotion. Fashion, accessories, jewelry, things for automobile, technology or even drones are some of the selected items.

lightinthebox promotion

And not forget to take a glimpse at the reward section in your user account to check any coupons available and save more.



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