Lifehood Digital Body Weight Scale Offered at $19.99

We know there is a niche for smart body scales. This is a special term created to describe a process when the body weight is measured through a special technique called BIA. BIA which stands for Bioelectrical impedance analysis is the most practical method to measure ration between water, fat, protein, and minerals. Then, it sends electrical currents throughout the water in the body and measures the amount of resistance (aka impedance) as it travels. BIA can determine the volume of a person’s total body water. Plus, the so-called smart body scales can connect digital devices such as smartphones and display various data through their screens. But what if you only need a regular body weight scale that should come with a single core feature – to measure the body weight precisely. Such gadgets cost way less but provide more accurate data. The Lifehood digital body weight scale is one of such products. It is offered at $19.99 only.

Lifehood digital body weight scale

Actually, the Lifehood digital body weight scale comes with a few selling points that help it to stand out. There are 4 high-precision sensors with graduation increments of 0.2lb work hard together to deliver trustworthy measurement. These sensors provide an accurate measurement range of 11lb to 400lb.

Second, the Lifehood digital body weight scale carries a top panel made of the sturdiest tempered glass (6mm). It has dimensions of 12×12 inches. So it is perfect for all foot sizes and promises that you’ll never have a horrible weighing experience for breaking the bathroom scale glass because of overweight.

Lifehood digital body weight scale

Unlike many other products available on the market, the Lifehood digital body weight scale allows you to get immediate body weight reading as soon as you simply step on it. So you don’t have to tap it to activate the scale.


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