LG G5 Exposure: The benchmark clarifies the upcoming powerhouse

LG G4 smartphone has been able to create a long lasting impact on the international market. But, it’s the time for the successor LG G5 to show the world that what LG is capable of. Now, the exposures and the leaks are here to increase our anticipation.

Recently, some technology media received an invitation from the South Korean LG smartphone manufacturer. The company is arranging a conference about G5 on February 21 (Sunday). Apart from this, we have a new LG G5 exposure of the overwhelming hardware.

From the Geekbench benchmarking sheet, we can analysis that this time LG G5 will be integrated with the latest and most powerful SoC known as Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (ARM v8 processor @ 1.59 GHz), a massive 4 GB RAM and the newest Android 6.o.1 ‘Marshmallow’. Thank God, we are finally able to see a phone with Android 6.0.1 straight from the manufacturer, neither we need to wait for the updates nor waste time in updating.

The final result of the benchmark was that single-thread test scored 2248, while multi-threading reached a total of 5061. When compared to the other recent phones that incorporates Snapdragon 820, the result seems to be lower, but also within the normal range. The result of the benchmark is shown below:

LG G5 Exposure Benchmark test




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