LEXY JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner Review


Nowadays Lexy jimmy xiaomi brand company is very famous for xiaomi products. Xiaomi company made many products example- Mobile phones, Laptop, Mi LED, Mi pocket speaker, MI Travel U-shaped pillow mixed beige, Mi Band 3, Mi luggage, Mi home security camera etc. Xiaomi brand basically known in the industry with the name of Consumer electronics Computer hardware. After JIMMY JV51 xiaomi design or modified new product is LEXY JIMMY JV71.

Everyone wants cleanliness in their houses, offices, parks, school, colleges, shops, showrooms etc. So xiaomi company launch the new product, this is very good for us. And it handles very easily. JIMMY JV71 Version is designed with the new way and with the new techniques.

Jimmy JV71


LEXY JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner is a standing cleaner. But this cleaner moves every side. The design of this vacuum is very beautiful and attract own side to everyone. Their handling positions are maintained to the vacuum cleaner. And handle of vacuum cleaner is complex design, if we want length decrease of the handle then we can push the handle downside and if we want length increase of handle then we can pull up the side of vacuum handle. Two small tires are fixed.

It is a handheld vacuum cleaner, which can be used in this way, is 1150 g, this vacuum is very light in weight. If you want cleaning with two fingers of hand you can. This JIMMY JV71 is a wireless vacuum cleaner. This cleaner works with the center of gravity, which gravity maintain every moving of the vacuum cleaner. It gives very gently cleaning. However, if the center of gravity is underneath it, it will become quite heavy to lift the vacuum cleaner by hand.

Jimmy JV71

The JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner’s transformation is endless. Without climb any stand or chair you can clean of the top of rooms roof or other top places. The JV71 basically has a charging dock on the floor, and there are several accessories, such as a thick brush and a soft brush. This vacuum cleaner is totally modified version to the previous version.

Package content- the JIMMY JV71 has a complete package which are following these products : one  JIMMY JV71  vacuum cleaner, one composite brush, 1 x 2-in—1 flat suction, 1 x 2-in-1 sofa suction, one suction top brush, one anti-mite brush head, one charging seat, one conductive metal tube, one long hose, one power adapter and also included Chinese manual.

Jimmy JV71

Feature and functions-

JV71 vacuum cleaner features are commonly handled by everyone. Handheld vertical wireless multifunction are available in this vacuum. JV71 has a low center of gravity design, wall and roof cleaning is more convenient. Longer battery life of this cleaner is 45 minutes. More 45 minutes, time battery work also do but without more pressure cleaning. It is suitable for various outline such as beds, gaps, air conditioning vents. It is a two in one type of cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner has a three-stage tornado filtration technology, lock dust, discharge clean airbag also provided. There are strong removal brushes are Iit. And the third generation to the brush head, the roller brush powerful beat also do work hard. The large suction 130 AW. And 100000 rpm brushless motor, more thorough cleaning. After cleaning the vacuum cleaner dust bag or brush should clean, because with the clean of vacuum cleaner do work more time than its working time and with the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner, vacuum gives you more clean and hygienic.

Jimmy JV71

The JV71 degree is 18kpa, the dust collection capacity is 0.5L. JIMMY JV71 the air filtration is HEPA and roller brush material is full velvet bristles. The material used in JV71 is magnesium alloy, ABS. The battery built-in 2500 mAh Li-ion battery.


JIMMY JV71 is a powerful vacuum cleaner than any vacuum cleaner. No noise of this vacuum. Many types of cleaning are done by this product. It is a desirable product. You can put it on any side of the house. If u want to take this vacuum cleaner another place then you can easily handle this product. And this product is foldable. JV71 is known with the name of a handy vacuum cleaner product. It is totally burdened less product.
Jimmy JV71

It looks like there is something else in the middle of the vacuum cleaner. Although you can hold with one hand or both hands. But the handle is part of a sub-type handheld vacuum cleaner. JV71 the voltage rated is 21.6V and the power is 400W. The battery of this product is 6 x 2.5Ah lithium battery / 54 Wh. The vacuum cleaner is the charging time of five ( 5 ) hours. The dust cup capacity of cleaner 0.5L. Very slightly noise of this product is 75dB.

Package size: The vacuum cleaner is 64.00 x 24.00 x 85.00 cm / 25.2 x 9.45 x 33.46 inches. And the second package weight of this product is 4.9000kg. And product size of vacuum cleaner is 60.00 x 20.00 x 80.00 cm / 23.62 x 7.87 x 31.5 inches. No any danger caution level of this product. The motor rotates 100,000 times per minute and sucks it, so its proven suction motor strongly. Many new accessories have come in JV71 to the previous version JV51.

Jimmy JV71


The JV71 feature is very good and the design of this product is very attractive look than other vacuum cleaners. This product is more powerful than another type of vacuum cleaner. Nowadays various companies of vacuum cleaner in the market but xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner is one of the leading brands in the market. It increases the charm of the room or store and look very polite and poise. It is also very durable and long lasting because of its fine body metal.

You can easily maintain of a vacuum cleaner with all the way. Moving of this product is sensitive touch. This is the most special aspect of the JV71. There are a lot of old dust collectors that have the separate handle. This product has a separate filtration box which box filtering the dust particles. You can use JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner as a mini vacuum cleaner. This product package has a total ten products are available which all ten products do different work separately and after combine. This product has a total three passes are passed through to filter out 99% of dust and catch up to 0.3 microns. It would be very nice.

Jimmy JV71

The cost of this product is reasonable. And with the reasonable cost JV71 gives you dreamable product. Brushes of this product are very nice than another type of brush. JIMMY JV71 vacuum cleaner is made for today’s need. You can use this vacuum cleaner for various purpose or can use at various places. It is your budgetable product.




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