Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro Review: A Laptop From Another Galaxy

At the 2018 Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference, Lenovo released the YOGA 7 Pro (YOGA C930) new notebook, which is equipped with Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos sound system and comes with a 4096-level pressure sensitive stylus. The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro can be regarded as a king, both in terms of value and performance. This is a top-end laptop with a number of astonishing features. So we decided to get our hands on it and come in with an in-depth review.

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Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro Design

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro uses a simple and tough design on the whole. The three-sided aluminum material makes the YOGA 7 Pro’s body superior. The YOGA 7 Pro’s aluminum body surface has been made with high-precision sandblasting, providing a delicate silky feel on the hand.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro notebook’s A side (the notebook cover design) is simple and generous. The aluminum surface comes with deep and business sense. In the lower right side, we can see YOGA’s logo.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

Our protagonist is equipped with a 13.9-inch IPS screen, with an optional 4K resolution (3840×2160), a 315ppi pixel density, and a 100% sRGB color gamut support. The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro’s screen uses a three-sided narrow frame design. Its screen ratio reached 81.9%. The surface is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass. The narrowest part of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro has reached 4.25mm, which is very prominent in the narrow-frame notebook. It is also worth noting that the screen frame is wrapped in aluminum, and the border at the top of the screen is tilted. Moreover, the front screen camera can be manually turned off, which is a simple and effective solution to the privacy leak.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro’s keyboard uses a 69-key design, including a full range of functional buttons. The surface of the keyboard buttons is also made with a high-precision sandblasting. The keyboard keystrokes are as satisfactory as ever. The typing feedback is very good, and the tapping sound is relatively low. The touchpad on the YOGA 7 Pro is also a joy. Such a precise touch operation is usually only available on high-end Windows 10 notebooks. A fingerprint recognition module supporting Windows Hello is distributed in the lower right corner of the keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The back of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is also simple and succinct, with a hidden heat sink inlet and outlet, consistent with the entire body design. The curved design has a sense of agility.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The overall look of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is amazing. It’s not only of a simple and tough design, a comprehensive aluminum body but also of its unique hinge. It is equipped with a bracelet-type reel. This time, the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro notebook reels have two built-in mid-high frequency speakers that are very distinctive.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

What is most gratifying to us is that the power button of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is on the side. This design does not occupy the upper right corner of the C surface, but it is still here because of the stereo position. The power button can be turned on with a single push, which works identically to the smartphones.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

At the corner of the power button, we can see is the place where the 4096-level pressure sensitive stylus is. Its weight is only 5.5 grams. The stylus is placed very firmly. It can only be inserted completely after hearing the slamming. To pull it out, press it first and then pop it back. This design is also very clever. It is different from the stylus of other notebooks. It helps to avoid the risk of loss. In addition, when the stylus is in the pen tray, the system automatically charges the stylus without worrying about forgetting to charge and maintaining sufficient power at all times. It is reported that in 15 seconds it can be charged to 80%, and 5 minutes will be sufficient to will it fully. At the same time, the stylus supports 2.5 hours of continuous use.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

On the left side of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro, there are two Type-C multi-function lightning interfaces that support 40Gbps transmission speed. Both ports support high-resolution display output and fast charging. There is also a USB 3.0 port that supports charging in the off state, which is especially convenient for people traveling on the go. Thus you can charge the smartphone without having to light up the notebook screen.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro reviewLenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro uses a battery capacity of 60Wh, which is the world’s highest density battery 700Wh / L. Its charger standard output is 65W, it supports 20V/3.5A, 15V/3A, 9V/2A, and 5V/2A and uses the Type-C charging interface for this goal.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

In short, the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro notebook has reached a new level in design, integrating aesthetics, practicality, reliability, and value into one.

Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro Performance

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro notebook from is equipped with Intel’s eighth-generation processor Core i7 8550U, which uses the 14nm process technology, a quad-core design with eight processes. The TDP power consumption is 15W. Apart from this, the chip is paired with a 16GB and a 1TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD storage..

First, we can view the CPU configuration table of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro in detail through CPU-Z:

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

Here is the hard disk storage test:

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The tool used for the test is CrystalDiskMark. The sequential read and write speeds of SequentialQ32T1 are 3268.3MB/s and 2346.7MB/s, respectively; the random read/write speeds of 4KiBQ8T8 are 583.1MB/s and 203.6MB/s, respectively, the random read/write speed of 4KiBQ32T1 is 181.5MB/s, 143.9MB/s, and the 4KiBQ1T1 random read/write speed is 30.53MB/s, 53.75MB/s.

From the above results, Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro’s hard disk read speed is very good.

3DMark11 test:

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

Through the 3DMark test, Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro scored 1923 in P performance mode (720P resolution, support for the medium-level load, suitable for most gaming computers), graphics score of 1711, the physical score of 6001, the combined score of 1769 points. The performance is at a medium to the upper level.

Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro Experience

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is a thin, multi-mode notebook that is very friendly to business people who travel frequently and mobile workers.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

Actually, thus laptop brings together the biggest features of the YOGA series notebooks. First, it’s the 360-degree flip, supporting four modes: 1. Notebook mode for office works; 2. standing mode, which can be used for entertainment; 3. tablet mode for reading; 4. tent mode, which is mainly used by designers. The 4K screen of Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro has 100% sRGB color gamut. Therefore, the picture is delicate and the color performance is relatively pure.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro reviewLenovo Yoga 7 Pro review Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The multi-variable mode of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro can adapt to different scene requirements, and the three-stage damping shaft plays an important role in it. While ensuring 360-degree rotation, it can maintain strong firmness in every place, which is amazing. After testing, the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro supports one-handed open cover functionality, which is commendable. But when it is halfway open, the base of the notebook will be slightly tilted. So you need to work with both hands.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

On the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro, a built-in fingerprint recognition module that supports Windows Hello can be set in the setup login option, and unlocking the login by fingerprint recognition is convenient and safe.

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is equipped with a 4K screen touchscreen, which supports 10-finger touch. In the current Windows 10 notebooks, the touchscreen is a full-fledged highlight. Although in the notebook mode, there are fewer touch scenes, in business presentation operations, touch may be the fastest way to display. When it comes to notebook mode, we have to mention the keyboard feel and touchpad.

For Windows 10 notebooks, an advanced precision touchpad is essential, and the built-in keyboard determines the desire to create your input.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro notebook keyboard looks very delicate. Its keystroke is also in the ideal range. The touchpad area is relatively large and there is no stretch. The sensitivity is full, and the overall surface is integrated.

Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro review

How to make good use of this 4K touchscreen? The stylus of Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro plays a big role. This is a stylus that won’t stop creating, as long as you want to use it anytime, anywhere. With the continuous iterative update of the Windows 10 system, the use of the stylus is becoming more and more abundant. In Windows 10, you can use the stylus directly in the Windows Ink area in the lower right corner to select the effect of different pens for writing. It is also convenient to use the pen to tap the screen to call up the ink writing tool in the input area of the Office software. The graphic writing input can be directly handwritten and demonstrated during the PPT display process, which is convenient and practical.

Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro Audi Performance

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is equipped with the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound system, which puts the sound in the reels for the first time, making people more immersive when watching videos and listening to music. This is new in the notebooks.

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is equipped with four speakers, including two mid-range speakers and two woofers. Two tweeters are placed in the reels, and they can be rotated with the display from 90 degrees to 270 degrees, and playing the sound directly to the user, giving the user a better immersive experience. The two woofers provide a deeper bass Dolby panoramic sound system, and the audio experience is immersive, creating a three-dimensional audio space, which brings a true sound atmosphere from all directions.

The Dolby Lou sound system in the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro features a larger drive with 11 x 34 tweeters and 13 x 40 woofer. The tweeters located in the shaft feature a unique vibration isolation washer that reduces noise. In addition to the tunnel-type sound chamber design, the sound is more powerful, and the sound is clear and more penetrating.

In addition to the Dolby Vision, the screen of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro notebook looks bright, the details of the dark parts are prominent, the contrast is higher, and the visual dimension is enhanced.

In terms of battery life, the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro 1080P version has a battery life of 14 hours and the 4K version provides up to 9.5 hours. In the normal daily use experience, it can reach 5-6 hours of battery life in moderate brightness. This means that if you are on a business trip, there is no problem with normal use for one day in the case of non-continuous work.

Final Words

First of all, the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is a high-end multi-modal notebook. Its 360-degree reversible chain-type rotating shaft gives a variety of modes. The Dolby panoramic sound system is built into the rotating shaft. The screen is equipped with Dolby Vision. Thus, this notebook has reached a very high level in audiovisual entertainment.

The Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro’s design is simple and tough. The high-precision sandblasted aluminum body is very useful in terms of perception. If you need a notebook that is light and portable and has a guaranteed performance, the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is one of the best choices.

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