[Coupon] Lenovo X1 LDS Vacuum Cleaner For Just $399.99

Suction robots with an LDS system (Laser Distance Sensor or Laser Direct Structuring) are smarter than the inexpensive models, which pass around within the chaos principle. Colleagues like Roborock additionally use the LDS system, so it’s not new. The Lenovo X1 LDS Vacuum Cleaner, however, is new and now to be had at Gearbest on first Global Launch for $429.99 with most of the countries free shipping.

Buy Lenovo X1 Lidar LDS Vacuum Cleaner For Just at $399.99


The body is round in Others with golden details. Size and weight are also standard for a robotic vacuum cleaner 35.00 x 35.00 x 10.00 cm / 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.94 inches and 3.6800 kg. The small height of the vacuum cleaner allows it to call in under the furniture and clean the apartment more carefully. On the top panel, we see a small round ledge. This is a laser distance sensor, the ledge is a small indicator light and a round button to start cleaning. Lenovo X1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has one of the largest water tanks among the robot vacuum cleaners on the market. There is enough water tank with a capacity of 170ML for wet cleaning of a large room.

Lenovo X1 LDS Features

The functions you’ll get in Lenovo X1 LDS

Superior disease capacity, anti-jamming four-way radar and anti-winding wire, 60% higher than others. When the scan is stuck in the furniture (such as under the seat). Lenovo X1 can identify and exit the problem by itself, and the wire will be automatically ejected. If it has been blocked or twice in a row, it will alert its owner to set up a restricted area. The powerful suction of 2200Pa, use Japan NIDEC brushless motor, with the strongest suction up to 2200Pa.

The cleaning efficiency is 20% higher and the level adjustable can easily solve the long hair. The large particles and small dust, cat and dog hair in the house. 55DB low noise, deep-sea silent, as low as 55dB adjustable. 7 major noise reduction optimization. It can present a calm and clean environment, rest. Working time will not be disturbed by the sweeping. Supports the Amazon Alex voice wizard. The elderly and children, just speak to control the robot instead of doing it manually.

Where To Buy

Lenovo X1 LDS Vacuum Cleaner is now available with First Global Launch at Gearbest For Just $399.99. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Lenovo X1 Lidar LDS Vacuum Cleaner For Just at $399.99

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