Lenovo Watch X Plus Review: A Classy Solution

Smartwatch With Barometer

Lenovo company launched a new waterproof Lenovo Watch X Plus smartwatch. It is a new version of the original Lenovo Watch X model, which was announced in June. Now it is available for $59.99 in

Lenovo Watch X Plus use

It is worthy to mention that the first batch of Lenovo Watch X was sold in China in 15 seconds.
The waterproof Lenovo Watch X Plus is equipped with some sensors that are absent in most competitors.
The main difference between Lenovo Watch X Plus and Lenovo Watch X  is the presence of a dial with Roman numerals, as well as a barometer that is not in the younger version.

Lenovo Watch X plus comparison

A functional load is provided by six sensors: barometer, heart rate sensor, blood pressure sensor, gyroscope, gravity sensor, geomagnetic sensor. We will discuss some of these sensors in details a bit later.

Lenovo Watch X plus Display

In the presence of a pedometer, sleep and activity controllers, this is quite a fit fitness tracker, and even in a very stylish performance.
In the retail world, the new Lenovo Watch X Plus can be bought in black with a classic strap and in silver with a Milan bracelet.

Lenovo Watch X Plus back side


Let’s go ahead and explore the specifications of the new Lenovo Watch X Plus.

The waterproof Lenovo Watch X Plus comes in this package: Black box, watch, a cable for battery and user guide.

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Design and Specifications

Lenovo Watch X Plus has a metal strap with Milanese weave, but a leather version is also available.

Lenovo Watch X Plus design

The magnetic watch buckle has a scratch-resistant protective rubber ring.

Sapphire crystal protects the display. The clock mechanism is made by professionals from Switzerland, and the hands of the clock mechanism are illuminated at night due to the luminescent coating.

Lenovo Watch X Plus screen size
Buyers of a  Lenovo Watch X Plus can choose between two variants of color: black and silver.

Lenovo Watch X Plus color versions

The case of medical steel (316L) is waterproof and can be immersed to a depth of 80 meters. The diameter of the watch is 42.5 mm; the thickness is 12.2 mm.

Lenovo Watch X Plus side

It is interesting to know that manufacturers produce a rose-gold color version of Lenovo Watch X Plus to introduce it in the Qixi festival.

Lenovo Watch X Plus pink-gold

Integrated sensors allow you to collect information about the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, quality and duration of sleep.

A new waterproof wristband is featured with a display based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), which allows you to view essential indications in real time.
One of the specifications is that it is connected to the smartphone using the Bluetooth 5.0 LE protocol.

Lenovo Watch 9 vs. Lenovo Watch X Plus: Design

The overall dimensions of these two models are practically the same, except that Lenovo Watch X Plus is slightly thicker, 0.1 mm and almost 30 grams heavier. Lenovo Watch 9 weighs 53 gram, however,  Lenovo Waterproof Watch X weighs  81 gram. Both watches’ case and the glass on top of the dial are made of the same material: medical steel for the case, and a sapphire crystal with a hardness of 9N above the dial. Also, both models have two color options: silver and black.Lenovo-Watch-9

If Watch 9 can only be supplied with a silicone strap of white or black, then Watch X Plus is available with a metal braided and leather strap. The first significant change touched the dials. Watch 9 has a much simpler dial. There are no numbers on it, only hour and minute marks.

Lenovo Watch 9 screen

Lenovo Watch X Plus has a much more exciting dial. On the outer edge was added edging with Roman numerals on 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 hours.

lenovo-Watch-x plus-screen. jpg


There is an indicator of connection to the smartphone at 12 o’clock, and an additional scale indicating the percentage of the goal in the steps at the bottom of the Watch 9 dial.

Lenovo Watch 9

In Lenovo Watch X Plus to the main dial was added a small OLED display in its lower part. On the back panel. Furthermore, Watch X Plus clock had an optical heart rate sensor as well.

Lenovo Watch X Plus back


Lenovo Watch 9 vs. Lenovo Watch X Plus: Feature and Specifications

Since Lenovo Watch X Plus has an OLED display and a heart rate monitor, these watches consume significantly more energy. Therefore, they are powered by a rechargeable 600 mAh battery. One charge, according to the manufacturer, should last up to 45 days of use. Also, it’s an OLED panel that gets black by turning off the LEDs involved, which reduces energy consumption.

Lenovo Watch X Plus in practice

The previous model is powered by a replaceable CR 2032 battery, with an autonomy margin of up to 240 days.
Charging the clock takes about an hour, and if you find that the clock is completely discharged and after a few connections they do not turn on, Lenovo recommends not to connect the charger until it takes more than 10 minutes for the clock to react.

As we mentioned earlier, new waterproof Lenovo Watch X Plus received several additional sensors, such as heart rate monitor, gravity sensor, a geomagnetic sensor, and barometer. It is noteworthy that Lenovo Watch 9 was also positioned as a clock with a pulse measurement. Only instead of an optical sensor, the pulse is measured using a flash and a smartphone camera through the Lenovo Watch application.

Lenovo Watch X Plus on hand

Summing up, the main difference between Lenovo Watch X Plus and Lenovo Watch 9 is the presence of a digital screen, an optical pulse sensor, a barometer,  the use of a rechargeable battery to power, not a battery like its predecessor. Also, the water resistance from 50 meters has changed to 80 meters.

Main Features

Most of these features we have already discussed. However, there are some of them which are missed.
Heart Rate Monitoring: 

This feature will help you always be aware of your heart rate and stay healthy.

Sleep Monitoring: 

The watch is monitoring the sleep rate and help to improve the sleep quality.


It’s a good fitness feature, which counts your activity (steps) all day.

A Reminder Of A Long Sitting:

Nowadays many of us spend a lot of time in front of the computers. Thus, having a reminder of a long sitting feature on your smartphone would be a good reminder, that it’s time to have a break and walk.

Alarm Clock:

You can adjust it with your smartphone, and it will vibrate at the set time.

Remote Control Of The Camera Application On The Smartphone:

You can control your smartphone and take the photos even from your wrist.

Notification Of Calls And Messages:

During the call, it will display on watch’screen the Caller ID and name.

Lenovo Watch X plus Display

Search Smartphone:

This feature will let you know where is your smartwatch all the time.


The waterproof Lenovo  Watch X Plus is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

We want to bring your attention to a benefit of the Lenovo Watch X Plus

The availability of a heart rate sensor and a blood pressure sensor. It is installed in the lower part of the case. Through the skin scans, these parameters give them to you on the smartphone display in a particular application. This is a very convenient thing in case you want to play sports or worry about your health. Scanners of this type have been used for a long time, and they work perfectly. There are even cases when such watches save lives for users. A standard set of scanners is also present here, by the way.

Lenovo Watch X Plus heart rate

Our conclusion

In our opinion, the waterproof Lenovo Watch X Plus smartwatch is a quality premium product which is worth to buy.  Unlike other fitness smartwatches, it is waterproof, equipped with a high-quality sapphire glass screen, 1.5-inch OLED display, barometer, heart rate monitor and many other useful features. Furthermore, it has a classy design, which means that you can wear this watch on every occasion.

The question is whether it is worth buying or not? Well, our answer is definitely yes.

In this elegant waterproof watch are combined all the features, which are required for a professional watch and a fitness smartwatch.

Do not hesitate and hurry up to purchase the waterproof watch at price $ 85.99 in

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