Lenovo Watch 9: Hybrid Smartwatch For Just $19.99 at Gearbest

The world’s largest manufacturer of desktop and laptop computers, and among the world’s leading manufacturers of tablet and smartphones, has great gadgets. You all know about their keyboard and mice, as well as monitors, and have recently produced excellent smartwatches. Lenovo Watch 9 combines the functions of traditional watches and sports watches, providing more intelligent and convenient services for people. Its ergonomic design is suitable for daily use. This beauty, Lenovo Watch 9, we found it for sale at a discounted price at the Gearbest.

Buy Lenovo Watch 9 Smartphone For $19.99

The Lenovo Watch 9 smart clock is available in two colors – black and white, and the screen is specially protected with sapphire-resistant glass (9H). Given its appearance, it is more retro as the timer is mechanically but is very well designed with illuminated indicators. Of course, he will alert you when a phone call, a message or other notification arrives.

This is a very interesting device that is, in fact, a mechanical and electrical combination of extremely beautiful design, the casing is metallic or better than zinc alloy, while the bottom of the stainless steel is 316L. Do not confuse your mechanical look, because when you connect it to the app this clock becomes very clever!

Of course, on your smartphone (Android, iOS) you connect via a 15-25-meter Bluetooth connection, and it also supports OTA (Over-The-Air). Likewise, Lenovo Watch 9 is waterproof (5ATM) so you can swim with it up to 50 meters deep. It is also worth mentioning that the strap is medical-tested, antiallergic and very comfortable to wear.

If you’re interested in keeping track of your activities, counting the steps, spending calories, and counting distance, the answer is of course true. This smart clock saves all the recorded data into the app on your smartphone so that it is resolved. With the smartwatch, you can also find a smartphone if you have lost it, and you can control the camera on your smartphone.

As a pioneer of smart products, Lenovo Watch 9 combines the functions of traditional business watches and sports watches, providing more intelligent and convenient services for people. Its ergonomic design is suitable for daily use. The new Lenovo Watch 9 smartwatch is a sale at the Gearbest at a very low price of unexpectedly low $19.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Lenovo Watch 9 Smartphone For $19.99

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