Lenovo says that Xiaomi is not the pioneer of the folding smartphones concept

Since Xiaomi presented an official video where we could see how a folding tablet/smartphone was tested, many criticisms have emerged about it. Xiaomi proclaimed that this would be “the first folding smartphone” in the industry. In fact, Lin Bin said that before having the prototype ready, the company had a series of problems where the main ones were the flexible folding screen, the equally flexible cover and the MIUI adaptation. However, several companies have spoken, and among them, Lenovo has said that the folding screen technology is not new and, as Xiaomi has not yet mass-produced it, its claim that it is the first manufacturer with this technology is “a fraud”.

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Lenovo slams Xiaomi folding smartphone

Lenovo introduced a folding smartphone 2 years ago

Although Lenovo’s statements are not the best, they have their evidence to corroborate what they claim. According to what they said, they were the first to show two folding devices at the TechWorld conference in 2016 on smartphones and tablets.

Lenovo slams Xiaomi folding smartphone

As we can see in the images, the folding phone that Lenovo introduced two years ago can be used as a bracelet in the hand and can be straightened as if it were a chocolate bar when you need to make a call or other function. It is clear that this folding smartphone from Lenovo could be folded in half but not completely, so you could not easily transport it this way.

Lenovo slams Xiaomi folding smartphone

What happened to this prototype? We do not know. But since the Xiaomi folding phone is still a prototype, Lenovo says it cannot claim of being the first to make a device with this technology. However, let’s take into account that Xiaomi’s smartphone is quite different. The latter does fold perfectly back along two axes, resulting in a smaller and thicker phone. All we can do is wait for Xiaomi to take this device and turn it into a commercial product or leave it in a prototype with an attractive design.

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