[Best Offer] Lenovo S5 Pro With AI Quad-Camera Sold at $189.99 [Coupon]

The Lenovo S5 Pro is known as an ‘Idol-level selfie-focused’ smartphone. In fact, Lenovo smartphones continue to adhere to the concept of ‘national smartphone’. That’s why the company tries to provide the best experience, put the most corresponding hardware, and set the lowest price tag. In this sense, the quad-camera S5 Pro fully corresponds to these requirements. As you understand, this is the main reason why it’s called an ‘idol-level selfie phone’. At the same time, it opened and defined the era of nationalization of AI quad-camera smartphones. As for now, this amazing device is sold for a discounted price of $189.99, after applying the coupon (code: 321MOZZS7I).

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The Lenovo S5 Pro is the first smartphone on the globe to sport an AI quad-camera. Two of them are placed on the front, while the next two are located on the back. The front-facing camera uses a 20MP 1/2.8-inch Sony IMX476 sensor, which is equivalent to the 2?m ‘maximum front camera size’. Thanks to it, the shooter can provide low-light imaging capability beyond the human eye. This lens is coupled with an 8MP infrared sensor module, which is considered to be ‘the strongest front-facing dual-camera’.

This camera supports AI beauty. So it can achieve high-quality face scanning modeling idol-level self-portrait beauty. As you understand, it is different from the traditional beauty and simple improvement of the face. The latter is done through the unique beauty algorithm, from the creation of the most standard face three-five five-eye 3D beauty, the Marquard mask golden ratio, 50 million sets of big data for face deep learning of the sample, reshaping the face with 3D depth of field, shaping the proportion of the face that is close to perfection, etc. At the same time, the camera combines it with the 3D natural beauty, adjusting the facial makeup to create the most fitting and natural beauty effect. In the last phase, the photo passes 3D repair of the light, and the facial contour light is matched with 6 special 3D ambient lights to achieve a full-feeling self-portrait.

The Lenovo S5 Pro supports an 80° zero-light face unlocking. It hides the industry’s highest 8MP infrared camera and independent infrared illuminator in the compact space of the screen bangs.

Lenovo S5 Pro

The rear camera of the Lenovo S5 Pro is impressive as well. The 20MP Sony dual-camera uses the industry’s highest pixel telephoto lens to achieve ‘AI zoom super-quality’. It also comes with a 9-level depth of field real-time adjustment in order to achieve a ‘Portrait AI super picture quality’. Other camera features include a smart HDR, face tracking exposure, multi-frame noise reduction synthesis, etc. The Lenovo S5 Pro is also excellent when it comes to backlighting. There are a variety of built-in styles of ‘AI scene detection’.

As you see, the biggest selling point of the Lenovo S5 Pro is not the hardware. But apart from the camera features, it also comes with dual speakers for stereo surround sound, dual-channel high-power Smart PA, and Driac audio certification. We mean sound performance is another selling point. At the same time, the S5 Pro supports 3ms hardware-level real-time ear return, giving you more professional listening experience.

Lenovo S5 Pro

Finally, in terms of hardware, the Lenovo S5 Pro is packed with a 19:9 ratio 6.2-inch full-screen with a resolution of 2246×1080, 113% sRGB color gamut, and 1500:1 ultra-high contrast. Under the premise of a large battery of 3500mAh, the full metal body thickness is only 7.7mm. Moreover, the fuselage adopts the highest level of 205 zircon sandblasting technology, providing pure gold, ice blue, and crystal black, which combine technology and trend. The Lenovo S5 Pro comes with a standard 6GB LPDDR4x dual-channel memory and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor.


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