Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 Design Leaked!

Everyone know that Lenovo is famous for numerous smartphones in a single release date. The company releases a phone that fit in every category including low, mid and high-end phones. Such are the Lenovo’s four upcoming smartphones: Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4. Today, @OnLeaks and @Slashleaks posted some pictures on Weibo which are rumored as the pictures of these four Moto smartphones. Let’s take a glance at the leaked pictures illustrating the rear design of each phone:

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 – All Rounded with Front Fingerprint Reader

Looking at the picture above we might see some similarities in all four upcoming terminals which are the curved edges. Moreover, the second similarity is that all of them have the same circular camera layout.

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 Design Leaked

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force) Exposure

Starting with the top-notch flagship, Moto Z2F is expected to release this year’s June and the phone incorporates the all new Snapdragon 835. Media says that Z2F will be equipped with Moto X pole Shield screen technology.

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 Design Leaked

Meanwhile, regarding design, the biggest change is the rear dual camera and the front home button integrating a fingerprint reader. Moreover, the modular design continues and the flagship is thin making it the lightest and thinnest in the four smartphones.

Lenovo Moto E4 Exposure

Here comes Lenovo’s mid-end smartphone for this year. Moto E4 in comparison with Z2F has a sandblasting rear design. There’s a single rear camera aligned horizontally with Dual LED flash. The home button looks attractive with borderline rather than that of Moto Z2 Force. The only ugly aspect of the phone is the speaker placement and layout (some tiny holes on the bottom right).

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 Design

Lenovo Moto C Plus Exposure

At third, we have Moto C Plus, the younger brother of Moto C as the name suggest. The design is almost similar to E4 but the finishing is cheap. Camera layout is different as there’s no borderline. Plus, the fingerprint reader is also absent and replaced by the three touch-based traditional buttons. The flagship is damn ugly but it’s cost effective at the same time. Isn’t it?

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 Design Leaked

Lenovo Moto C Exposure

At last, comes the low-end flagship of Lenovo. The design is same as Moto C Plus but we might see low specs and price as it’s budget-friendly phone. Still, there are fewer chances that E4, C/C Plus might not release next month.

Lenovo Moto Z2F (Z2 Force), C/C Plus, E4 Design Leaked

Sadly, the chances are few that E4, C/C Plus may not release next month.

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