(Flash Deal) Lenovo Moto Z: SD820, 4GB+64GB, 5.5 inch, For Just $159.99

In a world where smartphones have become so similar – large, flat slabs of glass – Lenovo’s new flagship Moto Z smartphone is a standout. Its modular design not only immediately differentiates itself from its competitors, it’s brilliantly executed, too, making this one of the most exciting new handsets in years.

Buy Lenovo Moto Z: SD820, 4GB+64GB, 5.5 inch, For Just $159.99

With its elegant design, the Lenovo Moto Z brings smartphone usage one step further, bringing Android’s unlimited options to Motorola technology. The model that comes to the fore with its thinness is indispensable especially for those who give importance to the aesthetics in the smartphone. Lenovo Moto Z with a thickness of 5.2 mm and a weight of 136 grams offers an eye-catching use with its simple design.

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Equipped with different applications, useful tools, and active multimedia options, Moto Z accelerates your operations with its advanced system architecture. Featuring a 5.5 MP front and 13 MP rear camera, Moto Z also enhances the experience of taking photos and videos. The model, which allows you to work as a professional photographer, is also in harmony with photo editing tools. Lenovo Moto Z models with location-based labeling, focusing, face detection, HDR and panorama shooting always helps you capture the most perfect frames.

With a 5.5-inch display and a 1440 x 2560-pixel screen resolution, it lets you take vivid, dynamic and colorful photos. Especially for those who like to use their photos in social media accounts, the quick sharing menus help you share your photos with your loved ones in minutes. After you take your photo or video, you can browse the editing options or you can share directly to your social media accounts.

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Thanks to the Quad Core processor, it offers a 2.15 GHz of processing power and offers an efficient performance both in the transition between the menus and at the opening speed of the programs. Combining the power of its processor with the Adreno 530 graphics processing technology, the model allows you to take advantage of the exclusive world of the Android operating system. With Marshmallow operating system, you can easily run different applications of Google Play Store on your phone and you can easily complete your transactions with a user-friendly interface.

Lenovo Moto Z CharacteristicsThe included modules take your smartphone experience to the next level. Combining customizable options and easy-to-use tools, the model helps you do more with your smartphone. With compass, accelerometer sensor and gyroscope features, you can increase the communication of your phone with the environment and integrate your routing and routing processes with your phone. The model that comes with the smart fingerprint sensor ensures your safety. Thanks to the model where you can place a fingerprint reader in the menus that you don’t want to reach the phone, you can encrypt your phone and only use it by you.

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Moto Z, which allows you to convert your phone into a multimedia center thanks to features such as MP3 and MP4 files, photo editing and file monitoring, also increases your interaction with connection technologies. With 802.11 Wi-fi and v4.1 Bluetooth connectivity, the model allows you to quickly transfer files with your loved ones.

Especially with its wireless connection system, it provides unlimited access to both social media and Internet options, making it possible to have an entertainment center at any time during the day. In this way, you can evaluate your leisure time in a much more effective way and also follow what your friends are doing. Advanced performance options, You can get information about Lenovo Moto Z prices.

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