Lenovo K80M: 5 Reasons, Why You Cannot Resist from Buying It?

Introducing you to Lenovo K80M
Introducing you to Lenovo K80M

When the business seems to be perfect then why don’t take the advantage from it. That’s what happened with Lenovo – one of the world’s leading brand of computers joined the roller coaster ride of smartphones. The company is now rocking and their smartphones seems to sell like a hotcake. Friends, that’s what happens when you sell high performance at low and affordable prices.

Same is the case with Lenovo K80M, the commitment of the manufacturer with which they try to get the final takeoff also in this division . The war in the mid-range is open.

Lenovo K80M
First impression of Lenovo K80M

Why Lenovo selected mid-range for K8oM?

Not only Lenovo but all smartphone manufacturers seems to be interested providing mid-range products. Why is that so? Rather than selecting mid-range they can opt for the higher echelons.

The reason seems to be simple: with the middle range company can reach a larger market share, this way that company don’t need to waste time and money on providing high-end devices. Mediocre phones covers most of the profit for a company. Well, same is the case with Lenovo. Lenovo K80M proves to be a profitable terminal for the company.

Specifications of Lenovo K80M

Before heading towards the main point, we must first analyse the specs of this product:

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5 Reasons that you cannot resist from buying Lenovo K80M

1) Same GPU Apple A7:

The GPU that we operate in K80M Lenovo is the same as Apple A7. Two types of technologies with conflicting estimates but give very similar results graphically.


2) Achieving more than 41000 points on Antutu:

The SoC used by Lenovo K80M, made by intel, gets a negligible score on the test Antutu. Well, that’s quite a heck of a score for a mid-range terminal with a quad core processor. In short, the result symbolizes that fluency, power and good capacity in the aspect of multitasking are the three common denominators for Lenovo K80M performance.

Benchmark test of Lenovo K80M
Benchmark test of Lenovo K80M

3) Large battery of 4000 mAh:

Another aspect of this phone is its long-lasting battery having a capacity of 4000 mAh. This allow us to enjoy a pretty good autonomy compared with other terminals in the same range that just stay in the 3,000 and 2,000 mAh or much less in the worst cases.

4) Full-HD screen:

We must say probably the best feature of Lenovo K80M. Guys, if we look at the mid-range smartphones, mostly have a screen resolution of 720P (1280 x 720). But thankfully, Lenovo K80M is not among these phones. It features an amazing Full HD 5.5 inch display and a pixel density of 441 ppi. This gives us a level of excellent brightness, vibrant colors, great contrast and sharpness of superior quality.

User interface of Lenovo K80M
User interface of Lenovo K80M

5) 4G LTE connectivity:

Today it almost seems to have 4G basic connectivity in our smartphone. Most mid-range terminals offer 4G but for a cost. The cost may be a poor data rate or high battery consumption.  Battery consumption of this phone is practically identical but the data rate quite noticeable.  Be prepared to see the plummet megabytes you have left available later this month, as usually using these LTE networks consume a larger amount of data.

Price and Availability:

We have a good option to buy Lenovo K80M is through the portal Lightinthebox, where in addition to the coupon BLACK12510, we can get it at a cheaper price.

Lenovo K80M is available in three colors
Lenovo K80M is available in three colors


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