Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband Review: Top-Rated Smart Wristband

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There comes a new period where people can wear electronics. “Smart” things that you can wear on yourself, already surround us.  In this review article, we are going to discuss in details all the advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband

In the past for getting the information on the smartphone, you need to go through a long process: get the device from your pocket or bag, unlock it, run the application …

Now you can use smartwatches!

Smartwatches are more convenient in the sense that they are always at hand – more precisely, on it. Thanks to it, we can get specific information, just by looking at the dial.

In short, a smartwatch is a loyal companion of a smartphone.

History Of Smartwatches

Xiaomi promoted the industry of smart bracelets in May 2014, and Mi Band introduced its first generation. Samsung, Apple, LG, Garmin and other world equipment manufacturers have tried to create a niche of expensive and technological watches. Unfortunately, the smartwatch was not very popular. But smart bracelets were able to win their audience.

The secret of the success of modern smart bracelets is very simple: the price is up to $ 30, a pretty appearance, a set of functions for doing sports. Of course, somewhere smart bracelets were lucky, because they got into the times of the trend for a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, it does not deny the fact that smart wristbands are cool.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband lightweight fitness bracelet

For a long time, Xiaomi company dominated with its bracelets in this segment: they have the best application, the most successful design, and the most attractive price. But other manufacturers of technology, of course, were not going to give Xiaomi a monopoly in this segment and also began to produce their smart bracelets.

Design and Display Screen

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband is a worthy representative of the smart-clock family. The characteristics of the smart wristband, the price of the device, as well as other exciting things you can find them in this article.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband is cheaper and more comfortable option of new watches from Xiaomi. Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband have a similar shape, but they weigh less and have smaller dimensions. These characteristics make them a preferred choice for the users.

The product comes to the buyer in a black box. The package includes bracelet, charging cable, user guide and Chinese warranty.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband unboxing

The bracelet is made from thermoplastic and silicone strap. The weight of it is 25 g. The length of the whole bracelet is 24 cm. Quite long for suiting both thick and thin wrists.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband belt

The Lenovo HW01 wristband is equipped with a Monochrome OLED-display screen. It’s diagonal of 0.91 inches display screen sport a 128 x 32-pixel resolution. The class of protection from dust and moisture is IP65 standard.

We want to get your attention to a shiny big screen, which looks very stylish.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband shiny screen

The wristband comes in two color types: red and black.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband colors

The capsule is built into the bracelet and has a dark surface, under which, as usual, the screen is hidden, and below it, there is a single touch button. Behind the capsule are a heart rate sensor and charging connector with a plug.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband button

In normal condition, the screen is completely dark. There are two ways to activate the wristband. First is touching one of the edges of the screen where the sensor is located. The other variant is moving the hand over the clock. In this case, the screen turns on for a few seconds, and then the lights go out.

Lenovo HW01 wristband connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. By the way, it is compatible with Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above systems.

HW01 bracelet supports a variety of popular social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Email, Skype, etc.

Application For Smartphones

You can quickly scan the QR code from a user guide or to search and install it from Play Store of the smartphone.

Hardware and Main Features

Pedometer:  Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband counts all your steps. It is smart enough for differentiating your actions from other activities, such as sitting on public transport.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband pedometer

Traveled distance: Besides the counted number of steps, the screen also displays the km of the traveled distance. If you touch the screen again, then it will show the number of calories burned too.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband number of calories

Running and training mode

The wristband can quickly determine the type of the activity: running or walking. In addition to that feature, you can set the training mode and get additional information such as including route, climb, and pulse.

Heart Rate Monitor

While running or walking you can check your heart rate too.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband HR-Monitor-Pedometer

Alarm Clock and Sleep Monitor

Based on your daily behavior the wristband can identify whether you are in a sleep mode or not. Moreover, you can set an alarm clock for morning awakening.

Notification of calls and messages

When you are in a meeting or the concert and don’t notice the calls, this smart bracelet will remind you. Fitness bracelet Lenovo HW01 starts vibrating, while the subscriber number is displayed on the screen.

Control Music on your Smartphone

Touching on the screen, you can start playback, stop it, or switch to the next track.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband music control

Find My Phone

If you activate this function, then in case of losing your smartphone, it will emit loud signals and vibrates.

Anti – Lost

Additionally, if the connection between the smartphone and HW01 is lost, then the bracelet will start vibrating. This way, it will notify you and prevent from forgetting the phone in the cafe or at home.

In our opinion, the features mentioned above are the primary functions of Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband. Also, there are other features such as Remote Photo Option, Locate Band, Set Flip Wrist to Display, Sedentary Alarm, Goal  Reminder and Firmware Update.

Pros and Cons of the Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband

Besides all these wonderful features as an advantage, we want to notice that the bracelet can be charged using any micro USB cable from the computer’s USB port. The charging process takes about an hour. In a regular working basis, the wristband will be in an active mode during 5-8 days.

Like all other products, the Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband has a disadvantage too.  HW01 capsule with electronic stuffing, screen and strap are a single whole. So this makes it impossible to change the belts in case of damage. Maybe this part should be review by manufacturers in the future.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, in our point of view, the Lenovo HW01 Smart Wristband is quality and comfortable bracelet, which is a worthy new competitor to the famous Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Remarkable features such as a bright display screen, lightweight,  good application and cheap price make the product more preferable than its competitors. Also, note that Lenovo HW01 is actually waterproof and you can use it confidently while contacting with water. This is a top-rated feature for a fitness-based smart bracelet. Overall in our standpoint, it is a must-have fitness smart bracelet.

By the way currently, you can purchase it from website at a price of 26.49$.

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