Lenovo HT10 PRO vs Lenovo HT20: Which TWS is the BEST?

Are They Worth Your Money?

Confused between the Lenovo HT10 PRO vs Lenovo HT20? Here is the ultimate comparison of these lenovo earbuds. We as humans constantly are on a hunt for products that fit into our busy lifestyle in order to make our life convenient. One such product is wireless earphones which give us the freedom to enjoy music without the messy wires. While there may be some downsides, the crucial reason why most of us love wireless earphones is because they’re convenient to use.

Although Lenovo hasn’t marked its place in the headphones criteria yet, it’s well known for its laptops. Even though there are a lot of competitors, sometimes the battle is between the products from the same brand. We’re going to be comparing two great wireless earphones-Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro TWS. Lenovo HT10 is well known for the audio quality provided which is a great option for those who love bass and Lenovo HT10 Pro is its successor with slight upgrades. Lenovo HT20 is its competitor with a similar look to the Airpods Pro. If you’re unable to decide between the Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got you covered.

Comparison of Lenovo HT10 PRO vs Lenovo HT20

Audio Quality

lenovo ht20 vs lenovo ht10 pro

What impressed most of us about the former model of Lenovo HT10 Pro TWS is the audio quality, especially the bass. To our relief, the audio quality remains the same with the PRO too, providing you exceptional audio quality with the Qualcomm AptX HD chipset. Also, there is dual EQ, extra bass and standard mode in both the models-Lenovo HT10 Pro vs Lenovo HT20. The extra bass mode is incredible, and it is a treat for bass lovers. Although it doesn’t have ANC, there is intelligent noise reduction and while it may not work as well as ANC, it does help eliminate slight noise.

Lenovo HT20, on the contrary has good audio quality. The soundstage is splendid in these wireless earphones. In terms of call quality, it is great in both the models-Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro. However, they don’t seem to work well in crowded areas since they’re not able to isolate noise properly. In the comparison of Lenovo HT10 Pro vs Lenovo HT20, Lenovo HT10 Pro has better bass. Lenovo HT20 would’ve been equally good in terms of bass if it had the same fit and ergonomics as Lenovo HT10 Pro.

Advantage: Lenovo HT10 Pro

Design of the EarBuds

Lenovo HT10 Pro has a similar design to its predecessor. The Earbuds of Lenovo HT10 Pro look incredible and they even look great when you put them in your ears without looking awkward. There’s a physical button present in the Earbuds of both models-Lenovo HT10 Pro vs Lenovo HT20. The Lenovo HT10 Pro Earbuds have a dark grey body with a physical button in the shape of a teardrop on top which looks lustrous in silver. It has a brand name on the side of the Earbuds and they only weigh around 4.5 grams. Lenovo HT20, in contrast, has a completely different design from Lenovo HT10 Pro.

The first thought that pops up when you look at the Lenovo HT20 is that it resembles the Airpods. It has a stem design which most of us are familiar with now thanks to Airpods. I didn’t particularly appreciate how it looked when I had them on, and that’s because I was not too fond of something sticking out of my ear, but if that doesn’t matter to you, it shouldn’t be a problem. While it may have the same structure as Airpods, it doesn’t have the one-design-fits-all. Instead, you have a silicone tip to ensure that the Earbuds fit in well so that you have an immersive experience which is the case in both models-Lenovo HT10 Pro vs Lenovo HT20. When it comes to choosing between the Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro it depends on whether you prefer a subtle design or the iconic stem design.

Fit of the EarBuds

When it comes to the fit Lenovo HT10 Pro offers a better fit, but it has a bulky look. On the other hand, the Lenovo HT20 is lighter on the ear. However, the Lenovo HT10 Pro offers better closure of your earlobe, because the Airpods type design of the Lenovo HT20 doesn’t go well with every user. Hence, Lenovo HT10 Pro would be a better option if the fit is crucial and you usually have a hard problem with the fit.

Advantage: Lenovo HT10 Pro

Case Design

lenovo ht10 pro vs lenovo ht20
lenovo ht10 pro vs lenovo ht20

Lenovo HT10 Pro has a pill-shaped case which comes in a matte black finish. You have three magnetic connector pins which ensure faster charging than the two magnetic connector pins. Since there are magnetic connectors, the Earbuds remain in place. There are 4 LED lights to indicate the battery status of the case. The brand name is present at the top of the case. Similar to the Airpods case, Lenovo HT20 has a case in the shape of a square. It comes in black with a curved front differentiating it from Airpods. It’s easy to slip both the cases into your pocket.

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Comfort and Convenience

The Earbuds are comfortable to wear in both models. However, controlling music playback or answering calls might be a problem. The fact that you have to push a button to do either one causes inconvenience as it pushes the Earbuds further into your ear. With an IPX5 rating, the Earbuds get protection from low-pressure water jet spray in both models-Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro. This lets you use them while working out without worrying about damaging them.


You have Bluetooth 5.0 in both the earphones. Unlike the other earphones, the Lenovo HT10 Pro has a Bluetooth distance of 20 meters. EarBuds turn on automatically and start pairing once you take them out of the case. On the other hand, Lenovo HT20 has a Bluetooth distance of 10 meters which is the typical value in most wireless earphones. The Bluetooth distance range in Lenovo HT10 Pro gives it an advantage in the comparison of Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro.

Advantage: Lenovo HT10 Pro

Battery Life

The EarBuds have a 60 mAh battery in both the models-Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro. The Lenovo HT10 Pro provides a playback time of around 8 hours. The case has a 800 mAh battery which provides a standby time of around 200 hours. Lenovo HT20 contrariwise provides less playback time although the battery size is the same in both the earphones. You get a battery life of 5 hours. However, if you include the case, it can extend up to 25 hours, and the standby time is up to 200 hours. Thus, between the Lenovo HT10 Pro vs Lenovo HT20, the Lenovo HT10 Pro provides you with a better battery life.

Advantage: Lenovo HT10 Pro

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The Final Verdict

The definite choice in the comparison of Lenovo HT10 Pro vs Lenovo HT20 is Lenovo HT10 Pro. Starting with a great fit and design, it continues to impress us with its extraordinary audio quality and battery life. What’s even more astonishing is the Bluetooth distance which makes it stand out from its competitors. Lenovo HT20 is a great pair of wireless earphones as well, which feels light on your ears with a resemblance to Airpods. The Earbuds are comfortable to wear, and the IP rating makes them convenient to wear while working out in both the models-Lenovo HT20 vs Lenovo HT10 Pro. Both earphones have Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to make calls and transfer data. Thus, both are great earphones with Lenovo HT10 Pro having a greater advantage over Lenovo HT20.


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