Lenovo Air TWS Review, spectacular headphones for all kinds of activities

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest pleasures in life is listening to music, that’s why the market is flooded with so many choices for headphones. One of the most striking options is the Somic G936N, a fascinating headset that comes with an excellent price, but as expected, in this appointment we will have another incredible product, we are talking about the Lenovo Air TWS, headphones that come with a rather peculiar design. That is why we invite you to stay with us and learn about everything that this device has to offer in this in-depth review.

Lenovo Air TWS review

Lenovo Air TWS Review: Box

The Lenovo Air TWS comes in a black box, which has the following dimensions: 13.30 x 10.70 x 3.60 cm and a weight of 0.189 kg, so we are facing an average package if we compare it with other products of its same category. We must mention that in the front, right in the center, we will appreciate the word Air in golden color, although this is a bit opaque, while in the lower right corner, there is a label that bears the name of the manufacturer, Lenovo.

Lenovo Air TWS review box

On the back, we will appreciate the specifications of the product, although they are written in Chinese, a minor detail if we do not speak the language.

Lenovo Air TWS review box

After removing the lid, the first thing we will see will be a product with a tubular design in a metallic blue and black color, which features an elegant and sleek look.

Lenovo Air TWS review box

To appreciate this peculiar product carefully, we remove it from the plastic mold and we see that it has a structure of 6 sides, denoting in the lower part the name of the manufacturer in soft white letters. Thanks to this design, we can place it anywhere without having to worry about it sliding.

Lenovo Air TWS review box

After a few seconds of speculation, we know that this 6-sided figure is actually a protective case for our headphones and the lower part can slide in the opposite direction, revealing a small compartment containing the 2 headphones. It is necessary to mention, that this particular case, the blue colored part is made of metal, whereas the black edges are made out of plastic.

Lenovo Air TWS review box

Once we completely open our package, we will find a series of accessories that will greatly improve our experience of use, these being the following:

  • 1x Lenovo Air TWS
  • 1x Charging dock
  • 1x USB cable
  • 3x Eartips pairs
  • 1x User manual in English and Chinese
Lenovo Air TWS review box

Lenovo Air TWS Review: Design

The Lenovo Air TWS headphones have an oval design in black or white depending on the version, but for this review, we will have the black color model, so they combine exceptionally with many outfits due to its neutral color.

As for its dimensions, these are: 2.30 x 2.20 x 1.40 cm and has a weight of 4.5 grams, in other words, we are facing an incredibly light product, being extremely comfortable to use, we must also add that it has 3 pairs Eartips of different sizes, ensuring that they fit perfectly in our ears, which denotes the commitment of the manufacturer to present us an ergonomic device.

Lenovo Air TWS review Design

As for the manufacture of these headphones, they are built with plastic, and although it is not the most resistant material on the market, we must clarify that they are of an incredible quality and we can assure you that from the moment you hold it with your own fingers, you will realize that this is a very well elaborated product.

Lenovo Air TWS review Design

As an additional detail, these headphones have IPX5 protection, so they are resistant to water in small spills and dropleta, which will allow us to use them during our workouts without fear of getting them wet, although of course, we should not abuse this feature.

Lenovo Air TWS Review: Sound

The Lenovo Air TWS delivers an impeccable sound in every sense, to begin with, they are built internally with graphene, a material that conducts exceptionally sound waves, allowing us to enjoy an incredible performance. On the other hand, these headphones come equipped with a chipset BES IZ 2000, so it will support sounds in high quality without any problem .

Lenovo Air TWS review sound

It has a response frequency ranging from 20Hz to 20000Hz and added to this, it has a sensitivity ranging from 3 decibels to 42 decibels, so we will not miss almost any sound however low it may be. Another important feature is that they come with an anti-interference system, so it will not get easily disconnected from our Smartphone or Tablet.

Lenovo Air TWS Review: Extra functions

The Lenovo Air TWS are headphones that work through a connection by Bluetooth 4.2, since they do not have any type of cable that allows them to connect directly through a standard jack. The connection can be kept stable at a distance of 10 meters maximum, beyond that, it can present failures and even disconnect. Neither do we need any kind of intermediary application to perform the synchronization, since this is extremely easy and intuitive to activate when turning on our Bluetooth.

Lenovo Air TWS review extra functions

These headphones offer us a very simple control panel that consists of 1 single button, which is located right in the center. If we are listening to music or it is in standby, pressing the button once will start the playback and in the opposite case, it will stop, if we press it twice, the track will advance, if it is pressed 3 times, we will enter the menu of Google Assistant and if we leave it pressed, we will raise the volume until releasing the button. We must mention that the latter will only apply to the right earphone, while in the left earphone we can use all the functions offered by the right one, there is the difference that instead of increasing the volume, we can lower it.

Lenovo Air TWS review extra functions

The only problem is that the right earpiece is the one that has the microphone, so we can only attend or make our calls through this, a detail that may be uncomfortable in certain situations for some users.

Lenovo Air TWS Review: Battery

The Lenovo Air TWS has 2 batteries, each earphone has a 55mAh lithium-ion polymer unit, which gives us an approximate use time of 10 hours whenlistening to music. While on call, the time is considerably reduced to 3 hours. The second battery is incorporated in the protective case and has a charge of 400mAh.

Lenovo Air TWS review battery

The procedure to charge our headphones is simple, we only have to place them in their protective case and they will be charged by magnetic charging technology, the stipulated time to reach 100% is around 1 hour and in case we need to charge the dock at the same time, we will do it through a USB cable for about 2 hours.


The Lenovo Air TWS looks like a headset with a rather modern and quirky design, greatly enhancing an elegant style. To begin with, they are made of metal and plastic, a pair of materials that offer us great resistance. As for the sound, we must say that this is impeccable in every way; its internal materials along with its chipset achieve a spectacular performance and finally, it comes with a battery according to our needs since we will enjoy 10 hours of use listening to music. That is why we recommend these headphones for any type of activity you want to do.

Lenovo Air TWS review conclusion

Lenovo Air TWS: Pros

  • Elegant and refined design
  • Impeccable sound
  • Battery according to our needs
  • Excellent price

Lenovo Air TWS: Cons

  • Only the right earpiece has a microphone

Where to buy them?

Currently we can acquire the Lenovo Air TWS in Gearbest with a modest discount of 21%, going from $69.43 to only $54.99 and the change would be (€48.35). Like any deal, this has a time limit, ending on February 15, but this is not all, because when purchasing this product, we can run with some luck and apply for free shipping, we only need to verify if we are in the selected location. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this wonder:

Buy Lenovo Air TWS on Gearbest

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