Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earphones Review: A AirPods alternative?

Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Good Enough?

I really got to admit, reviewing the Lenovo Air TWS was super exciting for me. I was pretty skeptical about reviewing the Lenovo Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones but then everything changed when I put them on for the first time. I tend to get a lot of products on my table week by week but nothing has truly impressed me as the Lenovo Air True Wireless Earbuds. It is a Beautiful pair of small amazingly built earbuds, they sound amazing and what more amazing is that it is from a manufacturer that I would least expect from: Lenovo! With this excitement I decided to present you the Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review.

Truly wireless earbuds are exactly no strings attached & the Lenovo Air TWS adds more essence with some amazing sound quality.

Anyways I can’t just wait anymore to share my views and thoughts on the all new Lenovo Air TWS Wireless Earbuds. Let the show begin: Lenovo Air TWS Review.

The Box that Rocks: Charging Bin

The Lenovo Air TWS comes in a precisely minimal box and hey! That is a pretty good font on the front. Well I definitely appreciate the black dominance & gold combination. On first touch the box didn’t feel that premium. Although when you open it you get a pretty well designed charging case. The charging case comes in a matte finish madison / night-blue color and a black lid on top with the Lenovo logo engraved on it.

When you slide open the lid of the charging case, you get to the hero of the show. The Lenovo Air True Wirless is a beautiful pair of earbuds. Although there is one issue I had in terms of the design of the charging case. There is an uneasy feel when sliding the lid. It kind of gives an awkward feel that you might break it but then, I don’t think you’ve to worry about it. It is just the feel as the charging case primarily uses pretty sturdy build materials and I am pretty sure Lenovo wouldn’t lead to such consequences.

The Lenovo Air Earphone’s charging bin has a minimal appearance and is easy to carry. You can charge the earbuds by just putting them back inside the charging bin and further you can charge the bin itself using the USB interface provided on the case. At full power I got straight three hours. Actually it doesn’t end there you can further charge the earphones once again by putting them into the charging bin thus leading to a total of 9 hours of lifetime. That is like the charging bin can charge the earbuds almost three times. Isn’t this amazing?

Freaking 9 Hours of Battery Life!

Design & Comfort:

If you haven’t used a true wireless earbuds previously, then the Lenovo Air TWS will be the perfect entry level earbuds that you’ll adore. It is a pretty good pair for the price segment it is playing in. The Lenovo Earbuds are a great choice of comfort as they eliminate all wires and they are super lightweight. This is a type of convenience that you might never experience on a traditional Bluetooth earphones or the wired headphones. The best part is that there are no tangled cords which means you’re free from nightmares.

The nozzles on the earbuds tip is angled and perfect on length. You are provided with four pair of ear tips from which you can choose the most comfortable one. Usually on a true wireless earbuds, the major problem might be the pressure caused by the chamber as these company’s design them in such a way that you wouldn’t loose them. In the case of Lenovo Air Wireless Earbuds, you may feel the pressure but it isn’t as worse as the ones that I have used before, like the Sony WH. Also I went for a jog with the Lenovo Air TWS but at no moment the earbuds came out of my ear. They sit perfectly well. Also these are the only pair of true wireless earbuds that I have used on a longer stretch without any hassle.

Another drawback I saw in terms of the design is that the buttons on either side of the earbuds seems to be very fragile. The material is rigid but when clicking it gives a very unpleasant feedback. Which doesn’t tend to posses a good user experience.

The angled drivers served the purpose of making these earbuds fit much better than they seem to appear.

What about audio quality?

We gave in hours of burn in time before testing the the Lenovo Air True Wireless Earphones. The results were pretty dominant. It performed decent considering the price tag. The audio reproduction was great and the vocals were well heard. The major drawback on music playback is the “bass”. If you’re a bass lover then the Lenovo Air Wireless Earbuds is not something for you.

The Lenovo Air Truely Wireless Earbuds uses an AI smart antenna which is supported by a built-in custom BES IZ 2000 AI chipset. If you don’t want EXTRA BASS, then the Lenovo Air TWS is a great choice. It has a 6 mm graphene vocal unit which mainly focuses to reproduce original sound quality and make them seem more natural. If you use certain extra bass earphones they tend to simulate the original studio version, which is not actually my cup of tea=. For me I love the theatrical or the studio experience when it comes to music.

The Lenovo Air TWS offers a Theaterical/In-Studio Audio Experience!

Sometimes I felt that there was audio leakage. The bass level varied from genre to genre. It is definitely not perfectly balanced, but it is not that annoying though. Okay! Here is the best part. The buds and the shell is perfectly designed and there isn’t much of external noise heard. The noise cancellation works to pretty good extent. Especially when I was walking the streets, the noise cancellation works at a quite a good level eliminating the external noise. Although you can’t compare the Lenovo Air TWS to the over-ear headphones. Other than the improper balance of bass, I loved everything else about these earbuds.

Good for sports?

One of the main reasons for anybody to opt for a true wireless headphones is basically to avoid tangled wires and uneasy feel caused by the neckbands. The Lenovo Air TWS tends to give a smooth experience while pairing with your smartphone. The Lenovo Air Earbuds comes with IPX5 rating. Which means it is water & sweat resistant to an extent. That it can resist majority of water but not recommended to take it underwater. I’m pretty sure nobody would risk loosing a true wireless earbud underwater. The IPX5 assures that it is perfectly suitable for exercise.

Most of the time people avoid wireless earphones is majorly because of the connectivity issues but that is the strength in the case of Lenovo True Wireless Earphones.

The device fits perfectly in your ears and also if not you can try changing the different sized earbuds that comes along with the box. Wireless earbuds gives you the convenience of putting your device down and let you to listen to music without any hassle. Although gym freaks would love more bass while working out. Which is kind of a disappointing factor on the Air TWS. The bass isn’t that bad and also not very good. With some genres the bass seems balanced and in others the vocals seems dominating.

Should you buy the Lenovo Air TWS?

There might be many questions running in your mind when you decide to buy a Bluetooth earphones. One major question being: Is it safe? The Bluetooth Technology used in wireless earbuds works similarly like WiFi but has much lower frequency level when compared to Wi-Fi and as per study: the radiations caused by wireless earbuds are not considered dangerous for humans. In-fact the radiation level is over 1000 times lesser when compared to the ones caused by smartphones.

The pursuance and the mission, in other words, performance and function have made massive advances in technology. I believe that Lenovo has kept that in mind while building the Lenovo Air TWS. People ask for “Befitting”, the most rightful Bluetooth headset. The Lenovo Air tws Bluetooth earphones is the “pièce de résistance”. A clean design, lightweight and geared up with USB interface which helps you to carry a charging doc filled with juice of 9 Hours Battery Life. Put on an average earphone, does it feel out of action? And the aftermath of music doesn’t feel so good? Lenovo Air Earbuds stands individually for it’s high quality as the muscular thing. It definitely won’t disappoint in many aspects.

How can I miss-out, Easier Bluetooth pairing which on testing never faced any disruption until I left the radar of bluetooth coverage. At $69.52 what more do u need? Clean signal, steady connectivity, and a pretty decent audio quality. Also fortunately the Lenovo Air TWS is on a flash sale on gearbest at an unbeatable price of just $54.99! Anyways this all for today’s Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earphones Review. Can the Lenovo Air Wireless Earbuds be your next music companion? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Good

  • With case over 9 Hours of Battery Life.
  • Stunning & Minimal looks.
  • Sturdy Build Materials.
  • Magnetic earbuds holder.
  • IPX5 Water Resistance.
  • Decent noise cancelling.

The Bad

  • Standalone without case, an average battery life of 3 Hours.
  • Bad Molding on the slider on the charging case.
  • Not for Bass Lovers.

Price: $54.99 (Flash Sale)

Lenovo Air TWS Bluetooth Earphones Review
  • Design: 8.9/10


  • Audio Quality: 8.7/10


  • Battery: 8.4/10


  • Hardware & Build Quality: 8.5/10



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