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Among all the Global manufacturers of wearable devices LEMFOis one of the leading and most fascinating company. Recently, it launched a new multifunctional and elegant design smart watch named LEMFOlem 4 Pro. It was unbelievable for us to think that a Smartwatch would be a full-time phone. But nowadays, various functions of a smartphone like making and receiving calls independently, playing games, smart pictures, Wi-Fi support with various apps are running with the smartwatch. LEMFO LEM 4 Pro is the modified version of LEMFO with the same design with minor improvements and changes.

LEMFOLEM4 Pro Review

Now we are going to make an in-depth review of this awesome smartwatch come smartphone. First of all, let’s cover its technical specifications. Note that, a very close model was LEMFO LEM4, and the manufacturer updated it into LEMFO LEM4 Pro. Few basic differences in terms of hardware, design and appearance and other configurations. Let’s compare and review.

Design and appearance:

At first glance, no one will dislike it. But when we will go for a review we have to think its design and appearance in terms of engineering benefits and its beauty as well.

Firstly, its rectangle in shape but the corners are round and the slopes are also round in shape. The speakers designed and built at the left side of the watch, it looks like the navigation buttons at the right. The buttons and the two speakers designed in such a way that they bring a design symmetry in the watch.

There is a micro sim compartment with pop up functionality and the sim slides inside the smartwatch come to phone. Unlike the LEMPHO LEM4 sim slot at the bottom, the pro version came with a sliding micro sim slot. There is a front face camera at the middle of the left edge.

The built in sim card slot allows you to insert a sim and it supports 3G connectivity. So you will never miss an important call again because this watch has the handsfree call.

The watch came with a large dimension 269*62*15 mm and 78 grams of weight, relatively lower than the plain LEMPHO4 version which was around 92gm.

The Hardware

The hardware configuration of LEMPHO LEM4 Pro is quite high. You will get MTK6580 Quad core 1.0 GHz processor which is higher than its plain version, it was dual core 1.2 GHz. The RAM is 1GB and the internal memory is 16 GB which is quite higher comparing the other smartwatch models. You will have both 2G and 3G network support. It has a strong GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0 for faster and safe data transfer. These are the hardware configuration in brief.

The Display

LEMPHO LEM4 Pro also have 2.2 Inch big screen like the LEM4 version with resolution 320*240 with excellent quality. It’s an LCD display but with some advanced features. The display effect is exquisite, bright and excellent.

Removable Bands

The bands become removable in the pro version as it was nonremovable in the original LEMFO LEM4. It is made of leather rather than plastic or rubber, flexible, soft and comfortable. It looks like the first generation smartwatch. There is a pin there and easy to pop out it putting some pressure through a screwdriver or something else. However, it’s removable so it’s replaceable. If you don’t like the default band you can replace it with a better one. One more positive aspect of removable bands is, leave of the band and make it a pocket phone. Just kidding!


Multi-Lingual Support

This smartwatch supports multiple languages like English, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, German and other commonly used and established languages around the world.  Seems like a global smartwatch come smartphone.

Rich Watch Themes

There are built in smartwatch themes with a lot of verity like you can use a classic wristwatch, or modern digital, a robotic theme with beautiful color combination and view. The themes designed keeping mind both the sense of technology and beauty as well. You can change them in different occasions according to your need. Every time you change the theme and you will feel like a new watch.

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Fitness Assistance

This smartwatch comes mini smartphone will become your fitness assistance helping you to create a scientific fitness plan. You will walk, it will count your steps and recommend you a milestone of walking steps and distance. Also, it will calculate the calories you are burning on a consequent day.

Additionally, it consists of an intelligent heart rate monitor which monitor your heart rate with accuracy. The basic functionality of the heart rate monitor is to measure real-time heart rate and suggest you speed up or slow down yourself to reach your exercise goals which you have set earlier. So the fitness assistance and heart rate monitor helps you to make your sports activities more effective.

The Battery

We told it earlier it’s a mini smartphone with 1200 mAh battery. It’s a Lithium polymer battery which is optimized for energy saving and provides longer operation time. It is possible to charge through USB cable from your laptop or pc and once you charge, it will serve you 9 days’ standby mode, 4 hours talking and one to two days active using as the manufacturer claims, which is a satisfactory score for a smartwatch phone.

Message Sync

One of the cool things about this smartwatch is, it is possible to sync with your smartphone. Once you do it, you will able to get notifications in your watch the notification your phone gets. So you will be able to check the messages, social media notifications, emails and so on from your wrist. It you keep yourself more updated and make you more responsible.

Built in GPS Navigation

This watch may be a good friend to the survivalist, hiker and camping freak. There is a built in GPS navigation system which allows you to find the exact location and destination with a great perfection. So the touring, hiking is easier than before with LEMPHO LEM4 Pro.

Other Softwares Compatibility

This smartwatch runs with Android 5.1 Lollipop and you know compatible with the apps you see around like music, game and other apps you need.

You can also use google voice search app Google Now, downloading it from google play store. As you know it’s a mini phone also supports voice over search.


Gaming Experience

The high hardware configuration of this device will give you awesome gaming experience as its highly configured and high resolution display will give you flawless gaming and video watching experience.

The device will work like a handheld game console, the screen, the control, speakers everything provides hand held gaming experience.

Final Verdict

So is it worth to buy LEMPHO LEM4 Pro is high-end smartwatch phone. Quality hardware, advance technology adaptability, GPS navigation system, heart rate monitor, fitness assistance, leisure and entertainment facilities to spend your time, everything made this device very unique and special.

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