LEMFO LT02 REVIEW: The all needed Smartwatch


A movement Tracker keeps track of how active you are 24 hours a day. In addition to your daytime activities, your heart rate, calorie consumption, and sleep rhythm are also monitored. You can already buy an activity tracker or a LEMFO LT02 heart rate monitor and fitness tracker smartwatch for amounts between $28.99 and $30. The most famous brand is LEMFO LT02.


Would you like to buy an activity tracker? Then consider in advance which of the functions are most important to you. Is it only about counting steps? Or do heart rate and sleep rhythm also play a role? Plus, does the fit bit fit well with the sports you do?

Lemfo Lt02

Heart rate sensor

Every athlete knows the chest belt when it comes to measuring heart rate during exertion. These bands, which correspond real-time with a heart rate monitor (usually watch) are still popular. But since a few years, there is a new technology available with which you can also measure heart rate with a sensor on the inside of a bracelet.

This technology is used for most Trackers and LEMFO LT02. With a LEMFO LT02, you do not need a separate chest strap to measure your heart rate. If you wear tracker during the day, your heart rate is continuously monitored!

Lemfo Lt02


Of course, you want to collect as much information as possible when you wear a LEMFO LT02  or other tracker. Therefore choose a tracker that certainly has the following sensors:


  • Heartbeat
  • Sleep
  • Pedometer
  • Stairs
  • distance

It is a shame to buy an activity tracker that does not have these sensors. Especially when you look at the prices of the current LEMFO LT02 watches or other trackers. For a small extra price, you collect a lot more data.

Lemfo Lt02

Sleep sensor

A high-quality night’s rest is imperative. When you wear the activity tracker during the night, it will monitor your night’s sleep and you can analyze exactly what your night’s sleep looks like.



Getting enough exercise every day is very important for good health. In addition to exercising, you must take sufficient steps every day. Your fit bit helps you with this. Set yourself a goal and your tracker helps you take sufficient steps every day!

Lemfo Lt02

LEMFO LT02  smartphone app Smartphone Connection

To view your performance and statistics, almost all activity trackers work together with an app on your smartphone. The apps make it clear how much you move on average, what your calorie consumption has been and to what extent you have achieved your own goal. It is also nice to see your own performance in relation to for example friends, colleagues or family members.


There are activity trackers with and without display. If you actually would like to get serious, a display is inevitable. You then have a continuous view of your performance and progress without having to consult your smartphone every time. A LEMFO LT02 can also use the GPS of your phone once connected. This, of course, brings more possibilities. So look for a tracker that can connect to your smartphone.

Lemfo Lt02

Buying the best activity tracker

Do you want to buy a LEMFO LT02? There are many types and sizes of LEMFO LT02 and other trackers. The LEMFO LT02 is suitable for both casual and heavy users, looks great and offers great value for money. Add to this the excellent reputation of the brand LEMFO LT02  and the LEMFO LT02  remains for us the best fit bit at the moment.


Why would you buy a LEMFO LT02?

It is more the rule than the exception to have a sedentary life today. Our current lifestyle has become comfortable, but also much too inactive. Something that is not without danger, because of too little physical activity, heart failure and obesity are lurking. A fine tool is then an activity tracker or LEMFO LT02.


A tracker, such as the LEMFO LT02 B Charge, makes you aware of your (in) activity. There is now sufficient evidence that the use of this type of device helps reduce obesity and improves health. You have to think of your daily walking or running distance, your used calories, your average heart rate and the quality of your sleep.

Lemfo Lt02


LEMFO LT02  watch

Sports watches, smartwatches and activity trackers are often shorn together. Do you have to buy a smartwatch, a sports watch or LEMFO LT02? What is the best? There is a lot of overlap between these wearables. Some smartwatches offer a number of functionalities that also offer the best LEMFO LT02. However, a smartwatch can do more, such as handling incoming telephone calls, displaying social media messages and displaying e-mails.


A Sports Watch Is More Focused On Training And Competitions

An activity tracker is also not a sports watch. The difference is that a LEMFO LT02 measures your data 24 hours a day, while a sports watch is much more focused on training and competitions only. He therefore only measures the sport you do when you are active.

Lemfo Lt02

Are you looking for a sports watch you can better look at the top 5 best sports watches here? And would you prefer a smartwatch? Then you can look here to compare the best smartwatches.

How does an Activity tracker work?

An Activity Tracker is, in fact, an advanced measuring station. Most LEMFO LT02 watches have an accelerometer that measures your movements in all directions. The principle of the accelerometer is not unknown; there is also one in every smartphone. He ensures that images on the screen of your phone are always presented upright.

Lemfo Lt02

In addition, many trackers have a gyroscope on board, which measures orientation and rotation. Do you want a tracker that also has an altimeter (winter sports, mountain hiking, climbing stairs), temperature meter, GPS receivers (navigation) or bio-impedance meter? Just realize that the price tag of a tracker rises as the number of functions increases.


The Activity Tracker Continuously Measures The Heart Rate

To measure the heart rate, a new technique is used to measure the heart rate by a sensor on the inside of the fit bit. Thanks to this new technology, you can see your heart rate on your Tracker 24 hours a day.


It works as follows: a beam of light (LED) is beamed through your skin that is reflected. Every heartbeat ensures that new blood flows through your veins, something that changes the reflection of the light. In this way, the tracker is able to calculate your heart rate.

Lemfo Lt02

The big advantage is that you no longer need a chest strap and you can follow your heart rate 24 hours a day. The average variation in your resting heart rate is seen as a good indication of your physical condition. All major Trackers manufacturers have now expanded their devices with this LED technology.

The Extremely Finest Heart Rate Monitors

You have a heart rate monitor in many different forms. Do you want to buy a heart rate monitor? Then take a good look at which heart rate monitor best suits your purpose. There are many differences! That’s why I show you exactly what to look for when you want to buy a heart rate monitor. I also show you which heart rate monitors are all there and which suits you best.


Before you buy a heart rate monitor, it is important that you have clear what you want to use it for. What is your target? Do you train for competitions, do you want to lose weight or gain insight into your health? The use of the heart rate monitor is different for each of these goals.

Lemfo Lt02

Also, pay attention to the functions that the heart rate monitor has. It is a waste of money if it has many functions that you will never use. It is also important to see how you want to wear the heart rate monitor. There are wristbands and chest straps. They continue to work the same, but the feeling of wearing is different.


Only Heart Rate Monitors or Complete Body Analysis?

Before you buy a heart rate monitor you need to know what you want to use it for. Every heart rate monitor measures your heart rate. You get insight into your physical fitness and you can train with that information in a more focused way. This helps, for example, in sports and weight loss. If you want more insight into your overall health, even outside of training, you can opt for a device that can measure more.


Heart rate monitors can work together with a sports watch or sit in it. There are also heart rate monitors in wearables, such as a smartwatch or an activity tracker. These often have more functionalities to collect data all day in the field of physical health.

Lemfo Lt02

Sports Watch Polar Heart Rate Monitors

A sports watch offers much more than a separate heart rate sensor. You can analyze your training and share it with different software. You can of course also pair a loose heart rate sensor with a sports watch. This is convenient because a loose chest heart rate sensor measures more accurately than a wrist sensor.


If you want to buy a heart rate monitor to see if you are exercising enough, you can collect data throughout the day. You only have a lot of heart rate at rest or in motion, but if you combine that with a pedometer and your calorie consumption, you already know more about your health. You will soon arrive at a smartwatch or activity tracker because there are more functionalities that you need to measure your health.


Heart Rate Monitor Buy What To Pay Attention To

With a smartwatch, you can collect more data than with a sports watch. You can use it at night to gain insight into your sleep pattern. With that, you can see how deep you sleep and how much you move. For example, if you are tired quickly during the day, it may turn out that you are restless and do not rest well. In addition, you can use a smartwatch to keep track of how many calories you eat and whether you eat healthily. There is also a heart rate monitor on most smartwatches.

Lemfo Lt02

View The Best Smartwatches

With the activity tracker, you also collect data throughout the day. He keeps track of how much you move and reminds you, if necessary, that you have to move more. You can put your own goals in it. The tracker can be used as a pedometer but also measures your heart rate and calories burned.


What Kind Of Information Do I Get From My LEMFO LT02 Watch?

Whatever type of tracker or LEMFO LT02  you buy, all data that is collected is processed in all kinds of formulas and algorithms. The result of this calculation is finally shown on the screen of your smartphone. The apps are able to display a lot of useful information. Whether this is walking or training on your cross trainer at home and of course, adjust these goals if necessary.

Lemfo Lt02

It happens that two trackers conjure up different values on the display. This is because no two devices measure exactly the same and also use just a few other calculation formulas. But in general, the data will never differ much from each other.


What Accessories And Gadgets Can I Buy For My Activity Tracker?

Most activity trackers are available in different colors. Some brands also offer the possibility to order loose straps in other colors. In addition, you can also buy separate heart rate monitors for a number of brands to increase the accuracy of the Tracker at high effort. For the fit bit, you can check out the official website. Here is their entire product range.



Activity trackers or LEMFO LT02 watches are popular. Not strange, they are extremely user-friendly, very accessible, small, and light and you do not need to recharge them more than twice a week.

In other words, an activity tracker is not only an interesting gadget, but it can also actually contribute to more exercise and thus realize your personal health goals.




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